Update on puppy Koda

Here is a note received from Koda‘s family (from Chloe‘s group)…

Koda had also received the last of his vaccinations. He weighed in at 32lbs.! He is shedding his soft fuzzy fur 🙁 and is growing a longer coarse hair down his back and tail.

We enjoyed the pics of Angel. She is so cute! We hope to come to another playtime soon. We also are getting in the back to school routine.

I still would love to know the dominate breed of these pups….foxhound may be a possibility….some are white with beige also. People think Koda is a golden retriever and I just tell them its a going to be a “surprise” what he will grow up to be. He’s got the look of collie, chow, lab, retriever….you name it! I love that they all have the white tip on the tail and white paws like Chloe.

Koda is just a sweetheart. We have settled into a nice routine. He is no longer in his crate at night and we block him off in the kitchen when we leave during the day. So far he has done well. He has eight of his adult teeth and looks so cute with his big boy teeth!

However, he has developed a problem with “submissive urinating”. When one of us comes home or someone comes over or he sees another dog he gets so excited that he pees. The doctor said he will grow out of it. He said not to make a big deal about coming home, have people bend down to him, and build up his confidence with other dogs. It seems to me he is pretty well adjusted and confident, so it may be he’s just too happy…??

So, Kristin any suggestions …….? Your last post had to do with urinating…so I just had to ask : )
Hope you are enjoying some time to yourself and your family.

Update on puppy Angel

Here is an update on puppy Angel from Chloe‘s group…

Angel 8-13-09Sorry we missed the last puppy playtimes, I came down with some virus which had me down for a week and my husband and girls were tending to me. Plus now getting ready for school starting next Wednesday.

Angel is doing great she had her rabies shot and weighed in at 27 pounds, growing really fast and she seems to be losing some of the black coloring on top of her head, it is becoming more tan. She is doing well with commands and loves to play fetch. We take her just about everywhere and she seems to love car rides the best. She also enjoys long walks with the family which settles her in for the night.

We have noticed she is very intent on chasing the birds but thankfully hasn’t caught any.

Hope everyone’s family members are doing well. I have attached a few pictures of Angel.

Puppy update on little Angel

An update on Angel (formerly Violet) of Chloe’s litter:

Angel on July 8, 2009Wanted to attach some pictures of Angel, she is doing really well and for just being with us for three weeks its like she was always here. She has moments of biting but we always direct her to her toys which she happily goes to.

She is growing quick, and its always fun watching her explore the yard. We have discovered she loves the water as she jumped into the play pool with the girls. She really is precious and loves sitting next to me while I work on the computer.

Thanks for all that you did with her, you have a fantastic gift with animals and I hope everyone appreciates that.

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8 Tiny Puppies Nursing

As promised at the tail end of Mama Dog Gets a Bath, here we have an amazing video of eight 12-day old pups nursing their mama. TURN UP THE SOUND to hear all of the precious puppy grunts and slurps!

See this video and many other CanineFostering.com videos on YouTube.

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Mothering doesn’t come easy to some dogs

It has been awhile since I last wrote. I’ve been in a very resistant place regarding this new mama we’ve got. I now think that taking on another foster so soon is extra difficult because the comparison between the dog and puppies that are leaving and the new group isn’t fair…one set is used to your routine and are a known entity, all fun and cuddly and ready to go to their new homes, and the other set is clueless to what you want and skinny and needy and frail…

mamaSo, needless to say this transition has been difficult on me. Added to that this new mama… the name Angel doesn’t fit, I like Angie better, or Daisy May. Anyway, this new dog is really young and doesn’t know what to do. So I was full of resistance to what is…I wanted her to be like Chloe (who I really miss and who was such an amazing mother) and she’s not. She’s not like any of the dogs we’ve had but she isn’t all that bad…but just as I was sitting down to write this, about how our stories cloud our true vision and how when we stop resisting what is, we get all this new energy for dealing with what is…she started drinking the mop water…with bleach in it! So, she is sort of really stupid on some level…or really clueless, a real Daisy May…very sweet and skinny and cute but DUMB.

Ok, no more stories… Here is what has been happening… She seemed to be gaining her mommy legs after the tragic death of her puppy, nursing them well and all that, but then something (more…)

Angel’s heart

Here is an update on Angel (formerly Violet), from Chloe’s litter…

Angel's heartHi Kristin,

I wanted to share this with you because my daughter spotted it on “Angel” She has a white marking on her belly that is in the shape of a heart, it is nothing like I have ever seen which makes her so much more of a miracle to us.

She is doing well, she has adjusted to her crate and our big yard which at times may be a little over whelming but she is great.

Saw her picture on your website and it was great. You did a great job with all those puppies and you should feel really proud, we can’t thank you enough for her.