Mothering doesn’t come easy to some dogs

It has been awhile since I last wrote. I’ve been in a very resistant place regarding this new mama we’ve got. I now think that taking on another foster so soon is extra difficult because the comparison between the dog and puppies that are leaving and the new group isn’t fair…one set is used to your routine and are a known entity, all fun and cuddly and ready to go to their new homes, and the other set is clueless to what you want and skinny and needy and frail…

mamaSo, needless to say this transition has been difficult on me. Added to that this new mama… the name Angel doesn’t fit, I like Angie better, or Daisy May. Anyway, this new dog is really young and doesn’t know what to do. So I was full of resistance to what is…I wanted her to be like Chloe (who I really miss and who was such an amazing mother) and she’s not. She’s not like any of the dogs we’ve had but she isn’t all that bad…but just as I was sitting down to write this, about how our stories cloud our true vision and how when we stop resisting what is, we get all this new energy for dealing with what is…she started drinking the mop water…with bleach in it! So, she is sort of really stupid on some level…or really clueless, a real Daisy May…very sweet and skinny and cute but DUMB.

Ok, no more stories… Here is what has been happening… She seemed to be gaining her mommy legs after the tragic death of her puppy, nursing them well and all that, but then something sleeping puppieshappened and yesterday all day and ALL NIGHT she was a freak! Crying, whining, pacing, and not taking care of her puppies at all. She cried from 9pm to 4am last night. I walked her twice, Mike walked her twice – once at 12:30am! and it did no good. She didn’t need to potty, just obviously needed to cry. I can’t stand noisy dogs at night! We never really figured out what her deal was, maybe she was freaking out because there were some big storms coming through? Who knows. But I did notice that today I decided to force her (literally force her) to nurse her pups and had to help her get them to pee (don’t ask) and as a result she seemed to be acting like a better mother…licking them more, nursing them on her own more…so who knows, maybe she just needs someone to tell her what she’s supposed to do? I guess motherhood doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

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