Update on puppy Angel

Here is an update on puppy Angel from Chloe‘s group…

Angel 8-13-09Sorry we missed the last puppy playtimes, I came down with some virus which had me down for a week and my husband and girls were tending to me. Plus now getting ready for school starting next Wednesday.

Angel is doing great she had her rabies shot and weighed in at 27 pounds, growing really fast and she seems to be losing some of the black coloring on top of her head, it is becoming more tan. She is doing well with commands and loves to play fetch. We take her just about everywhere and she seems to love car rides the best. She also enjoys long walks with the family which settles her in for the night.

We have noticed she is very intent on chasing the birds but thankfully hasn’t caught any.

Hope everyone’s family members are doing well. I have attached a few pictures of Angel.

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