New photo of Tucker

TuckerHere is a new photo of Tucker (formerly Oak, from Willow‘s litter).

What a big beautiful boy he is! Looks just like his brother, Otis.

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A note from Tucker

Recevied this nice not from Tucker (formerly Oak of Willow‘s group):

TuckerHope you had a wonderful holiday and a nice start to the New Year!! Mom took these pics of me last week in the snow and thought you might like to see them. My mange has cleared and I got a GIANT rawhide bone for Christmas which I am still working on in earnest today since it is soooo cold and I cannot go out and play for too long.

Hope all my brothers and sisters had a good holiday too and man am I getting spoiled here, but am learning alot, you would be proud!!

Talk to you soon and all my doggie best for the new year!!



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Time for a Tucker update

Here is the latest from Tucker (formerly Oak of Willow‘s litter):

Tucker at 3 months

Tucker at 3 months

All is well here and Tucker is growing like a weed!! Dr. again this Friday, but at 3 months already 32 pounds!! He is a delight! We are moving along on potty training and I am hoping another month and he will have it knocked. Tucker and Montana are fast friends and as much as she hates all the tugging, pulling, wrestling and biting….she would have it no other way. I have attached some pics for your viewing pleasure! Tucker is smart…he knows sit, shake and sit up…we are working on lay down and down in general and of course he is ALL TOO familiar with NO. Plenty of bones and toys to chew on so no major chewing episodes, knock on wood.
Hope all is well with you and all his brothers and sisters are doing well including Willow!!






 Tucker  Tucker
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A personal note from puppy Tucker

This is a loving update from Tucker‘s (formerly Oak) new mama to me. Thank you SO much for this!!

Oak being sneakyHi Mom, I asked my new Mom to send this for me. I know you must be resting after taking such good care of me, my brothers, sisters and mom Willow!!

I LOVE my new house!! Mom says I am a great addition. I am working on my potty behavior but thank goodness they have plenty of little towels as I am not there quite yet, but improving daily with my training. I know when I get scooped up and suddenly have grass under my feet this is where I should be. My sister is awesome, she tolerates me playing with her fluffy tail…. man what a lot of hair!! We wrestle, play bite and play tug of war with the toys, more toys than I have ever seen in my entire life! Mom got me these little puppy bones that I love to chew on and it makes my teeth feel better. Oh-oh-oh and the best part, at nite I have this HUGE bed to sleep on, and it is sooo soft!

mighty little OakDon’t get mad but we do watch TV for awhile before turning the lights out, you will be proud though, I am sleeping through the nite since Saturday and Mom usually is up before I even think of it. I do still love lots of naptime during the day though so no new news there. The only thing I am not liking right now is having to stay in this big crate if Mom has to leave for work for a couple of hours. Montana, my sister, does come in to eat while I am in there and lays next to it which makes me feel better. Now that I think of it, she only comes in when I quit yelping like a banshee… maybe I should work on that? I did make another new friend yesterday, a little stray tiger kitty who is a new mom. She seems nice, but did whap me on the nose when I got a little too friendly, we are about the same size. Mom says as soon as she brings her babies around for food she will take them to the shelter so they get good homes like I did!

Well, I better go for now..Mom says if I sit still long enough she will get some pics to send next time. We go to the doctor Saturday, I don’t know if that will be a good thing, kinda scared, but I am willing to try it. I am listening, learning and getting tons of affection, so no worry there! I’ll sneak another note soon when Mom isn’t using her laptop.

Thanks for all you did for me to get me off on the right paw and I do miss you! Say hi to everyone for me…….

Lots and lots of licks and tail wags,

Meet puppy Oak

OakOak is a gentle giant of a pup, spunky but a big lover. His mama, Willow, looks to be part Golden Retriever/Labrador mixed with a setter or hound and is a mellow, playful, cuddly and patient dog and her pups really take after her. She is also up for adoption. Oak is a beautiful dog, with a longer, cream colored coat and the most beautiful soft blue eyes, the color of denim. He loves to be cuddled and has a lower energy level than some of his siblings. Oak is nearly house trained, having had the luxury of spending lots of time outside. He has had his first set of puppy shots, has been microchipped, and is on flea and heartworm preventative.

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Puppies plump and getting named

puppy 7-15-09The puppies are HUGE. Really, I can’t remember a group being so heavy and big at such a young age. They aren’t yet 5 weeks old and already they are topping 6 pounds. I tried to weigh them on the little food scale I have and failed – they kept error-ing it out because they were too heavy. So, I stood on my scale and then stood on it while holding them and subtracted my weight and basically ended up with just a general weight for all of them of about 6 pounds. It was stressful for someone like me who likes precision, especially when it comes to measurement and administering of medication (I had to weigh them in order to dose them correctly with their roundworm medication). Add to that the fact that the majority of them look so similar I can’t tell them apart!! I wasn’t exactly sure if I gave everyone the medication…did someone get two doses? Yikes. It was a stressful event.

puppy 7-15-09I think I have 4 of them identified as individuals…there’s a red one with a red nose (got pics of her under the chair, a series of them) who I LOVE and I’m calling her Red Bud. There’s a male who is white with BLUE beautiful eyes, what a pretty boy he is! I’m calling him Oak. The only other male is also white but smaller and I’m calling him Ash. Then there is a small, white, (whiney) female with a red nose I’m calling Birch (notice the name theme?). The remainder are all female, all roughly a whitish/reddish color and all with a black nose…I think. It is so confusing! I am going to have to get a hold of some fingernail polish and paint their toe nails so I can tell them apart! Crazy.

Does anyone have any fingernail polish I can borrow?? Sadly I am not a girly girl.

pups at play 7-15-09The pups are eating about 3 times a day – moistened food with formula, and free eating dry food all day/night. Willow, the mama is learning how to jump up onto the platform to get outside and how to jump back in. That’s a relief. And she is finally got a cleanish bill of health…has roundworms (yuck) but that’s it. So, she can finally spend time outside with the pups in the play area. Life is getting a little easier…a calm before the storm of puppy applications/interviews. I have to get these girls and boys posted on Petfinder!