Chloe family reunion coming May 23

Chloe and pups 5-30-09Looks like all of Chloe‘s offspring will be coming back for a birthday reunion – all are now one year old!  The party will be Sunday May 23 with photos and video here shortly thereafter… hope the weather cooperates.

Chloe is making progress

This is the best news of all. I am so happy for Chloe.

Hi Kristin,

Just wanted to update you on Chloe’s progress!  What a wonderful dog!!!! 🙂

She has made a complete recovery from her past!!!!!  My parents can leave her in the house alone for more than 4 hours.  They use a tape recorder when they are gone to see if she is pacing or stressed.  She doesn’t seem to be because she doesn’t whine any more, and you can’t hear her at all. I think she sleeps or sits in the window waiting for them to return.  Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and plan to get
her adjusted, and your part in making this dog happy again.


Dog Summit – Chloe’s Family Reunion

Chloe & pups, May 2009

Chloe & pups, May 2009

On Sunday, Nov. 8 we have a first for CanineFostering  planned:  A family reunion of all of Chloe’s puppies with Chloe in attendance as well.  We are all so excited!  It is amazing that this group has come together and stayed in contact.  It makes so much sense though – new familes of puppies need support and benefit from a place to exchange training ideas.  All it took was one of the group to extend the offer of setting up an email list and everyone jumped on board.  Now we’ll be able to see how much everyone has grown and see if Chloe even remembers any of them!  I am so happy to be anticipating this.  Pictures and movies will follow.

For every dog there is a perfect home

Remember Chloe? She had quite a time this summer. I am happy to report that she seems to be doing really well in her new home. It just shows you that for every dog there is the perfect home. I hope that we’ll have a chance to see her soon when we have our reunion for her pups…sometime in November. Here’s the update:

Things are going very well with Chloe. My Mom and I are taking her to school at PetSmart on Saturdays for an 8 week beginner class. She has adjusted quit well and is learning quickly. She seems happy and full of energy at home, but is still a little shy around other people. She is making progress though! We continue to walk her for 30 to 45 minutes each day or Mom plays ball with her in the basement. She loves that! We continue to work on the separation and leaving her for short periods of time. When both of my parents leave, Chloe still barks, howls, but for shorter periods of time now than when they first began leaving her for the practice sessions. She does settle down after a while and goes to the window to watch for them. She doesn’t destroy anything, or try to get out. I think she is just calling for “her pack”! They are up to leaving for 30 minutes. They do that once a day now. She is really excited when they come back. We would love to come to the family reunion. I would love to see her puppies. Let us know the time and
place and thanks for the invitation!


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Koda’s personality shines through

Here is a fun note from the family Koda (of Chloe‘s litter):

Hi Everyone,

KodaI just came across some comical pics that I just had to share, I hope it brings a smile. Koda recently seems to think he’s supposed to be on top of the tables. He is now learning the word OFF! We think agility training is in his future. 🙂 The pics of him in the hostas are just a true glimpse of his personality. He always gives you the “what? what did I do?” look. He also, like the other pups enjoys hunting moths, crickets, birds and an occasional toad. He will spend an entire evening digging at the landscape rocks trying to catch the crickets. He did discover that pulling up the fabric underneath works really well also. He then tears off pieces and has fun watching me put it all back together. He thinks I’m helping him find those facinating bugs.

KodaHe also likes to hide his treats, but not outside. Ever since he was 2 months he would put them in a corner or by the couch. He still does this but now he likes to put them in the couch cushions or under a throw pillow. It is fun to watch how intense this process is. I heard about dogs doing this but never had one that actually did “bury a bone”.

He knows when my son is due home from school. He gets sooo excited when the school bus pulls up and knows that ‘his boy” is home. It is so heartwarming. My son and Koda have formed a great relationship. They are true buddies. It is the bond that all children should experience…. that unconditional love. It is all that I hoped for!

He is doing much better with his “excitement / submissive urination” . He still does it occasionally when meeting other dogs, but not all the time. Thank goodness! So, we are getting along and enjoying him more and more each day.

Hope to see all of you soon,


Koda Koda



Photos of Indy

Here are new photos of Indy (formerly Sweet William of Chloe‘s litter):










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