Our Dogs

We have four dogs in our family:

Brandy – a lab/terrier/viszla mix purchased as a puppy from a pet store in September 1994. Read more on Brandy.





Lollie – a pitbull mix with a beautiful brindle coat that came to us in our first foster litter in early 2005. Read more on Lollie.

Bella – a cattle dog mix who was our first foster mama, having whelped 11 pups in our kitchen in summer 2005. Bella is registered with TDI as a Therapy Dog. Read more on Bella.





Hermes – cattle dog/Rodesian Ridgeback mix was the pick of Bella’s litter, born in 2005. Hermes is registered with TDI as a Therapy Dog.  Read more on Hermes.

our dogs

Our Home

We live in a wonderful place to have dogs. We have just under three acres of land, of which about 2/3 is fenced with a PetSafe in-ground radio fence, with a three-foot welded wire (light weight) fence for visual support to increase its effectiveness. We then have an area just off our deck where we have a five foot chain-link (fairly heavy duty) fence installed to make a dog pen about 30′ x 75′. Within this dog pen is a window to our basement dog room, where (in warm months) we can hand puppies right out the window onto the ground of the pen!  This sounds crazy but works very well.

4 Responses to “Our Dogs”

  1. Cyndi Hahn - January 22nd, 2009

    I just read the article published in the Elburn Herald today about you. I think that what you are doing is inspiring! I have been thinking about becoming a foster home for dogs, however, since I haven’t owned a dog for a while, we are instead looking to adopt a younger dog, or puppy, that has been rescued. I have always wanted to become a dog trainer, and adopting a dog will help with my ambitions. My children are excited at the prospect of getting a dog, releasing a delightful squeal when they see a puppy, especially a yellow lab (our dog of choice). Please contact me if you have any info on adopting one of your dogs, I’d love to be a forever home for a dog in need! And maybe in the future become a foster home as well. And thank you for all that you do for those dogs in need!!
    Cyndi H.

  2. Sandy K. - January 23rd, 2009

    Kristin, I was so pleased to see the wonderful article in the Elburn Herald, except your picture should have been on the front!It’s interesting that you are also working with HELP. I got my first puppy through HELP in 1982 with a wonderful lady named Ruth. We found another grown dog wandering near the Aurora radio station where we worked. After feeding her for a weeks, we brought her home to foster for HELP. After our first weekend, of course we couldn’t give her up and she was with me for another 14 years.
    I am still working on being a good pack leader, and Bindi has made great progress with you as her teacher! Thanks! “Calm, assertive”

  3. Pamela - December 11th, 2009

    I want to be a foster mother for any dogs in lorain county ohio thank you

  4. bob and marla edmiston - May 4th, 2011

    For Cindi H.: On the internet, type in labrador retriever and your geographical area and search. Generally there’s a rescue close by for the type dog you want. In our area there also is a Pets ‘n Pals no kill shelter. Our rescue has beautiful, fit dogs available from 5-6 months to 14 years. Your area will also. Search just a little and you’ll find wonderful dogs now in cages. bob and marla and snuffy and roxy and angel…and two cats

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