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Update on puppy Angel

Here is an update on puppy Angel from Chloe‘s group… Sorry we missed the last puppy playtimes, I came down with some virus which had me down for a week and my husband and girls were tending to me. Plus now getting ready for school starting next Wednesday. Angel is doing great she had her […]

Puppy update on little Angel

An update on Angel (formerly Violet) of Chloe’s litter: Wanted to attach some pictures of Angel, she is doing really well and for just being with us for three weeks its like she was always here. She has moments of biting but we always direct her to her toys which she happily goes to. She […]

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Angel’s heart

Here is an update on Angel (formerly Violet), from Chloe’s litter… Hi Kristin, I wanted to share this with you because my daughter spotted it on “Angel” She has a white marking on her belly that is in the shape of a heart, it is nothing like I have ever seen which makes her so […]

Angel is getting the hang of motherhood

The pups are getting bigger and stronger. And mama is doing better. I’m not sure what to call her, Angel doesn’t really fit…she is far too fallible and young for such a name. I had thought of calling her Brittany, which would be a perfect name for her personality wise, but I suspect she will […]

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Video of Angel whelping her pups

About 15 minutes after Angel‘s arrival in our home, she began to deliver her puppies. This was not exactly our plan, but nature had a different agenda. Here is a short video of the whelping scene. For a few short hours on Sunday, we had – gasp – twenty dogs in our home: Chloe and […]

More on Angel’s lost puppy

Mike, who was the unfortunate one to discover the dead pup, was really affected by that incident. I don’t blame him. It was so senseless, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the pup; it was large, chubby and healthy. He found himself worried each time he took the mama out to potty that he’d find […]

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