Jubilee update and pictures

We have a recent update from Jubilee‘s owners:

Jubilee with dog back pack, in autumn 2011

Jubilee - Autumn 2011

Everyone here is great. D is 20 months already and just loves animals. She loves the dogs and is always calling out their names followed by “Where are you?” Its really funny. D and Jubilee have really started to bond…….the table food might have something to do with it. Jubilee brings her toys now so she can throw them for her. Jubilee has done an amazing job knowing the difference between her toys & D’s. Even when they are offered to her from D she will not take them. We need to start working with D on stranger dogs. She is too comfortable with dogs at this point and loves to give hugs and kisses. It’s cute and sweet with our dogs because we know how good they are but unfortunately that’s not the case with all dogs.

Jubilee has been great and healthy, she loves her walks and if for some reason we can’t go on one you can always tell she is bummed. Shena “The old Lab” is hagging in there. She will be 16 in a few weeks (Crazy!) but she still seems extremely happy by wagging her tail all the time and still loves to eat. She too loves D but once again I know it’s food driven.

Jubilee on the trail

Jubilee is a good walker

Here is an update from Jubilee’s family..

Jubilee March 2011aHi Kristin!!

Hope all is well!! Everyone is great here. Just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you. D turned 1 on March 2nd. What a fast year it has been!! She’s not walking yet but is getting close. Jubilee is great and is just the best walking dog I’ve ever had, we walk around 3 miles a day together. I also bought a back pack for her to put a couple of water bottles in. One on each side, it makes her use a little more energy…. which is a good thing :).

Here are a couple of pics………. once again A-‘s sister took them she has such a nice camera.

Take Care

Jubilee March 2011

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Catching up with Jubilee

I received a nice note from the family of Jubilee:

Hi Kristin!!

Hope all is well!! Looks like you made it through another happy journey on being a Foster mom for all the puppies and Momma dog. It truly is a great thing you do for these animals.

Jubilee is doing great!! Completely healthy and a little over 50 pounds now. She is loving all the snow and it’s hard to get her back in every once and awhile (but as long as she is burning off extra energy I’m not complaining). She is 100% done with her crate and loves being free all day with Shena. Jubilee is such an easy going dog and it’s hard not to spoil her (like letting her lay on the couch with you). She is awesome with Delilah and since D is on solids now Jubilee knows where her free treats are (instant vacuum). After the Holidays I am going to scout out some dog play areas. She needs someone more her age and energy level to romp around with, Shena is was way past that point of playing. Keep me in the loop if you ever start up a playtime again.

So from my family to yours Merry X-mas!!

Jubilee’s new pack leader

This just in from Jubilee’s family!

DelilahDelilah Kate Kennedy Born: 3-2-10 @ 1:01AM 7lbs 20″ Mom and baby are doing great!!
Take Care and see ya soon at playtime!!


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Update on Jubilee

Here is a note from RJ on Jubilee (from Chloe‘s litter):

Jubilee playtimeHi everyone!!

Well it’s been a little while so I figured I would give an update. Jubilee is doing great!! She is down to half a steroid pill a day and if she continues to do well she should be done sometime in March. Jubilee has rejoined playtime (Yeah!!) and still continues to play nice with everyone. I wouldn’t have figured that a short haired dog would love the snow as much as she does. She will just run, jump, and dig as much as she can till her feet get cold. Then will run up to door to be let in and as soon as her feet are warm she will ask to go right back out. It’s just great to have her back to her old(young) self again and being the puppy she should be.

Jubilee at playI look forward to seeing you guys at the Water-bowl when you can make it 🙂 and would love to read some updates on Jubilee’s family.

Take Care

More from Chloe’s dog reunion

Here is a video slideshow and movie clips of Chole’s family and the 6 month reunion we had on November 8, 2009:

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