A brief update on Indy, with pictures

Here’s an update from on Indy (formerly Sweet William of Chloe’s litter):

Indy the dog, standing in a bay in Door County, WI

Indy, enjoying Door County, WI

Hi Kristin,

I check your website from time to time to keep up with the puppy updates, although our dogs are no longer puppies. Indy is doing Great!! We had another funfilled summer in Door County, WI. Indy loves to roam free and go swimming. He actually seems a little depressed when we return home or maybe just “wiped out”.

Hope the rest of Chloe‘s Clan is doing well.


Indy getting a hug

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Jubilee is a good walker

Here is an update from Jubilee’s family..

Jubilee March 2011aHi Kristin!!

Hope all is well!! Everyone is great here. Just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you. D turned 1 on March 2nd. What a fast year it has been!! She’s not walking yet but is getting close. Jubilee is great and is just the best walking dog I’ve ever had, we walk around 3 miles a day together. I also bought a back pack for her to put a couple of water bottles in. One on each side, it makes her use a little more energy…. which is a good thing :).

Here are a couple of pics………. once again A-‘s sister took them she has such a nice camera.

Take Care

Jubilee March 2011

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Catching up with Jubilee

I received a nice note from the family of Jubilee:

Hi Kristin!!

Hope all is well!! Looks like you made it through another happy journey on being a Foster mom for all the puppies and Momma dog. It truly is a great thing you do for these animals.

Jubilee is doing great!! Completely healthy and a little over 50 pounds now. She is loving all the snow and it’s hard to get her back in every once and awhile (but as long as she is burning off extra energy I’m not complaining). She is 100% done with her crate and loves being free all day with Shena. Jubilee is such an easy going dog and it’s hard not to spoil her (like letting her lay on the couch with you). She is awesome with Delilah and since D is on solids now Jubilee knows where her free treats are (instant vacuum). After the Holidays I am going to scout out some dog play areas. She needs someone more her age and energy level to romp around with, Shena is was way past that point of playing. Keep me in the loop if you ever start up a playtime again.

So from my family to yours Merry X-mas!!

Greta’s puppies outside for the first time

Today the pups had their first foray into the wild outside world. I timed it correctly because they were curious and happy about being out there. When I put pups out and they aren’t ready, they all stand in a bunch and cry pitifully. But today then sniffed around and chewed on leaves and generally had a good time. I got a bunch of good photographs that will be going up on Petfinder. They are 4 1/2 weeks old and we’ll have them less than one more month. This time will fly by. I’ve really enjoyed this group and will miss them when they go.

Puppies first day outside

Puppies first day outside

Puppies first day outside


Puppies first day outside

Puppies first day outside

Puppies first day outside


More puppy pictures!

Here are some more pictures of the puppies around 2.5 weeks. They are starting to sit up and walk around more frequently and more steadily. And look at how big they’ve gotten! It’s crazy.

Puppy pictures at 2 weeks

pups at 2 weeks

pups at 2 weeks

Here’s some new photos of the pups. Each time I come into the puppy room now, they are usually sleeping on their backs, totally at peace. Makes me smile each time I see it. All their eyes are open now and they are walking! It is so cool to see. I’ll get some photos of that soon. Still hesitant to take pictures of them when they’re awake as their eyes are newly opened. Will be able to soon though.

At 2 weeks, they are almost as big as my arm!

At 2 weeks, they are almost as big as my arm!

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