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Koda update and story

A note on Koda (another of Chole‘s group)… Hi Everyone! Thanks for the update RJ! We are so glad she’s doing well! It is nice to hear from you! Koda is doing fine. He absolutely loves the snow!! The first little bit of snow we had, it took him 5 minutes to leave the deck […]

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Koda’s personality shines through

Here is a fun note from the family Koda (of Chloe‘s litter): Hi Everyone, I just came across some comical pics that I just had to share, I hope it brings a smile. Koda recently seems to think he’s supposed to be on top of the tables. He is now learning the word OFF! We […]

Update on puppy Koda

Here is a note received from Koda‘s family (from Chloe‘s group)… Koda had also received the last of his vaccinations. He weighed in at 32lbs.! He is shedding his soft fuzzy fur 🙁 and is growing a longer coarse hair down his back and tail. We enjoyed the pics of Angel. She is so cute! […]

Chloe’s reunion photos

Well, Thanksgiving is over and I have a chance to get back to things that I’ve been meaning to do. One of those is to post more photos from the Chloe reunion. Dogs romping in the autumn…what’s not to like? (click on each photo to see at full size)

More reunion video

Here is a video again complied by Koda‘s owner, Pam. (Thanks again!) This one is fun way to see the energy of the reunion day – and hear some sounds. This is early on when they all arrived and were running out their energy. They kept up that level of energy for a good hour, […]

Images of Chloe’s Family Reunion

Here is a slide show on Photobucket, complied by Koda‘s owner (thank you very much Pam!) The password to get in is case sensitive so use the capital C: Chloesgroup. It gives you a great sense of the joy of that day. It was so amazing that I am still feeling the after affects – […]