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Not just a vacuum, a Kirby

a Kirby vacuum

a Kirby vacuum

Tonight I did something that I wouldn’t have thought I would ever do. I bought a Kirby vacuum (they call it a Home Maintenance System)! I got a “free” room shampoo (which really means a HARD CORE sales call) from the family who adopted our foster mama, Annie. It was a nice gesture and I had been wanting to get my area rungs cleaned. I figured, “I’m good at saying ‘no’, no problem.”

Well…the guy was funny and charming so I was really enjoying myself, not feeling at all like I was going to be buying a vacuum that costs almost as much as our recent camper purchase. Boy was I wrong. First he vacuumed our area rug with our Dyson.

Brandon demonstrates the Kirby

Brandon demonstrates the Kirby

Now, I believed that Dyson was a top of the line vacuum. We bought it because of how much hair and dirt the dogs just naturally bring into the house. I figured that we were set. When I saw how much DIRT and HAIR the Kirby vacuumed picked up, after our Dyson had already done the job, I was shocked. I hate carpets because they hold dirt. But area rugs are nice and cozy so I have two nice ones I use. I have often wished we had a carpet cleaner for them but I figured they were getting good and clean with our Dyson. Nope. Lately, I’d been saying to Mike that the carpets felt “slimy” and looked dirty. In fact, I was increasingly unhappy with the vacuum job he was doing (yes, my loving husband has taken on that task as his contribution to our house hold maintanence). I guess I thought it was him, being lazy. But long ago I decided to stay out of his contributions to the household. Also, have I mentioned that I really never liked my Dyson? It was so HEAVY and clunky and difficult to manage and just wrong. Anyway, the guy sold that Kirby SO HARD. Like his life depended on it! It was like watching a sporting event: he was sweating and jumping around so much I was afraid he was going to trip and fall out of our large picture window! But what really sold me was how dirty everything really was, and how clean the vacuum got it. With our son’s allergies, it seemed to me to be a good investment. So, anyway, now I own a vacuum that Mike equates to owning a Mercedes…which is sort of nice actually.

Dirt caught by the Kirby after the Dyson

Dirt caught by the Kirby after the Dyson

So, for all you dog lovers out there I have a proposition – if you’d like to see the Kirby in action AND get a room carpet cleaned (or up to 6 items if you’re like us and have all hard wood floors) call Brandon on his cell at (252)548-9319. Tell him you got his number from us (from Kristin and Mike) and we’ll get a free bottle of carpet cleaner. He is a funny, entertaining guy and you’ll get a nice clean room Just make sure you’ve got about 90 minutes to give it. You won’t be sorry. Just practice saying “no thank you, just clean my carpet please.” Over and over and over…and then write in and tell us your experiences!

Brady has grown into a good dog

me & BradyI recevied a note from the owner of Brady (formerly known as Cupid from Annie‘s litter).

I wanted to write and let you know how wonderful of a dog Brady is. He is so eager to please and is currently in training classes which have taken him from a good dog to a great dog. I can not express how happy I am having rescued him. I am attaching a few pictures and will be getting some more soon . hope you like them!

Here is my response:

Thank you SO much for passing these photos on to me! I remember you well, wasn’t your other dog named Bella? I am very happy to hear that Brady is giving you so much love and is being a good boy. I get to see his brother, Donner now named Bauer, every Monday at a free, off leash playtime I run. It is great to get to see my babies all grown up! If you are ever in the St Charles area you have to bring him by for a visit!

Thanks again for the update – it means so much to me.

Brady at play

brady and bella


Annie still loves to fetch

Here we have an update on our foster mama from last Christmas, Annie!

Annie with Greta

Annie with Gertie

Annie is still and will always be obsessed with retrieving, but that is part of her charm. She continues to bring us joy everyday. The girls and I had the best time with her up north at the lake and she stayed right with us. We had to be very patient with Annie. It is so much for the mother dogs to adjust to. First the foster home, puppies being weaned, and yet another adoptive home. Feel free to share our story with Annie.

These pics are of Annie and Gertie in the summer at our lake house in WI. Annie loves retrieving objects from the water and is quite the swimmer.


Annie & Greta

Annie& Greta at play


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Bauer Report – 4 months

Here is a report on one of Annie‘s litter, Bauer from his forever family.  We love getting and sharing these updates!

Bauer at 4 months old

Bauer at 4 months old

Bauer has turned into a very well behaved large puppy. I first noticed this when I was walking with him. I now can give him slack on the leash (which makes the walk so much more enjoyable for me!), and he doesn’t lunge or pull or even try to take the lead (90% of the time on this last one). When he does start to forget he needs to walk by my side, I say “with me” and tap my leg and he waits for me. This has progressed into us (when we’re sure no one else is around) dropping his leash during the walk. He has yet to stray more than 2 feet from my side — occasionally he’ll smell something and stop to sniff, but I say with me or catch up and he’s back at my side.

The other HUGE step he has made is with his stay. He always had a good stay, but we wanted him to have the best possible. We’re not there yet, but we’re getting there! Our new “trick” is to have him outside with us and a large basketball the neighbor boy donated (partially because Bauer found it when we first brought him home as a puppy — he managed to dig it out of a snow pile when some poor child lost it…..), and partially because (and I’m using the (more…)

Annie settles in

Here is an update from our beloved Annie’s new forever family…

Annie- January 2, 2009We can’t believe it has been nearly a month and a half since we made Annie a part of our pack. She is settling down well in her new home and learning the routine very quickly. Annie is also fitting in so well with our other two dogs. Lebowski loves to run after her as she flies across the yard fetching her Kong or freshly made snowballs that the girls make and throw for her. Even our fifteen year old, Tama has extra spring in her step ever since Annie came. She has brought so much joy to us with her enthusiastic spirit and playfulness.

The only habit of Annie’s that we are still getting use to is what we call her happy, slappy tail. Whenever we come home or let her out of her kennel her tail whips anyone and everyone in the room. Little bruises on our legs are a small price to pay for such a great dog. We thank H.E.L.P. and her wonderful foster family for all the care and hard work they provided to bring Annie and her puppies into their much deserved forever homes.

-Murray, Marsha, Hannah, and Mairin

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Ebbie gets a home plus an Annie update

My sister has a new member in her family!! Ebbie came home on March 1st. I am so excited for her.

Annie and her Kong

Annie and her Kong

As she told me about Ebbie’s foster owner, I was reminded of my goodbyes with Annie this January. It is the hardest part of fostering, the trusting another to do the work of taking care of an animal you’ve grown to love, and the saying goodbye. I saw myself as my sister described how the woman who had cared for Ebbie gave her all her favorite things – her crate, her bed, her collar, her leash. We who foster love these dogs and want to give them a part of us when they leave. We forget that we’ve given them the greatest gift of all by simply being willing to open our homes to them when they are at their worse. I think of all the fosters I’ve gotten and how dirty they all are when they arrive. How badly then need a bath, and how much they smell. How they are full of fleas, worms, ticks. How scared they are, and distrustful, and angry or shy. How long it takes some of them to warm up. The significance of that first time they come to you for just a pet, a little comfort brings tears to your eyes. When they start trusting you and reaching out for you, then you know they are ready to go. And that is what is so hard – saying good bye right when they are ready to love again. You tell yourself that they (more…)