Puppy news and names

paw upSo, they are barking like crazy right now!  My son LOVES playing with this group and I must say that I’m really enjoying them as well.  As long as they don’t infect my home and family with ringworm, this will be easy sneezy!  Really, I had no idea how much work I was doing when I fostered entire litters with their mama.  Three puppies are so easy to handle, they make a small mess – especially these dogs, they are tiny compared to what I’m used to, and they don’t completely overwhelm you with snapping mouths when you sit down.  Really, this is fine.   I could do this all year round!  Except, puppy poop does smell rather stinky.  Don’t like that so much.

Ryan and I are arguing over names.  I like the names for the leads in the TV show I Carly:  Freddy, Sam, and Carly.  The names are cute and fit their personalities well.  Ryan wants names like “Anealduln” (for real, he’s been after me for an entire year to name a puppy that – his own made up name), Crusty, Wet Head, Crazy, Bitey, Barky, Ice Cream, Miss Puppy, Ruffy, Missy, Cutie … sigh.  He was the one to name past puppies “Chocolate Cookie Wrinkly Face, and Madame Puffykins.

pups chowIt is clear that these puppies miss their mama terribly.  When they saw my adult dogs they started crying frantically and trying to get through the baby gate we have set up.  It was really sad for me to see because I really like how nature works – how when I raise the litters, by the time they all leave they are done with their mamas and really don’t react much to her.  It tells me that this group was separated from their mama far too early.  For whatever reason, she wasn’t part of their lives for as long as they needed her.  I am hoping that they are clear of ringworm and that I can bring my own dogs in to help them remember that side of themselves.  For now, they are learning how to play with kids, how to come when called, and how to keep away from the mop.

Puppies again.

So, we’ve got three new puppies at our house.  Here’s their story (as much as I know and I’ll ever know):

swaddled puppy

swaddled puppy

Their mama was a pregnant stray that was hanging around someone’s home.  They let her live in their garage and there she had 7 puppies.  Then, when they were 6 weeks old, she “ran away” and “got hit by a car” and died.  So, no mama.  H.E.L.P. split up the group and we got three of them.  They are really small for 7 weeks so they look like they’ll be around 40 lbs. when full grown.  They seem well socialized to people, not afraid and in fact very willing to follow and interact.  So the original family did a lot right.  Thank you to them, whoever they are.

But they all have a weird and very scabby thing going on with their skin.  I gave them all baths and tried my best to scrape the scabs off with a flea comb but it was really difficult.  It is really strange, I haven’t seen anything quite like it before.  The vet said that it might be “ringworm” and that if it is I shouldn’t worry about trying not to get it because I likely already have it.  Yikes.  But then he said that he believed it was unlikely going to be ringworm.  So I bathed them all and they all screamed bloody murder.  Then I swaddled them in big towels and laid them in my son’s arms with a space heater on them all.  They all promptly fell asleep – except Ryan.  Then I cut all their toe nails and re-combed the one with the worse scabs and fed them.  They are really quiet in their room now.  Probably pee is everywhere. 


They have little short ears and fluffy fur.  The little black male has a blue spot on his tongue!  Maybe some Chow in them?  I’ll have to do some research to see what other breeds have blue spots on the tongue.  There’s one yellow female and one really fluffy black female.  They are so cute.  It is nice to have puppies again and to have so few!  What an easy time this well be – if they all turn out to be healthy…

Puppy Chow Time

Here is the video I referred to a couple days ago. Here the pups are eating (and wearing) solid food for the first time…

Make sure your sound is up for puppy noises!

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Puppy Play Time

Here are two videos of fun, romping, 3-week old pups – very cute!


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Good Morning Puppies

Here is a video of how the morning starts.  Annie greets me at the door – tail wagging – and the pups stir and yawn and stretch…

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Eight Pups for Annie

Annie & pups on day 2

Annie & pups on day 2

Finally, she emerges!! She refused to leave that tiny crate all night. But at 9am she needed to potty badly enough to go out with me. And then she was starving. As she ate I moved the pups from the crate where she whelped them to the plastic turtle sandbox where there’s more room to nurse.

I gave each pup a cursory look over to make sure all was normal. We have four cream pups, three black pups, and one brown one. Eight pups…sigh. We were hoping for less. But at least there are fewer than Bella’s eleven. That was INSANE.

Annie is starving and her pups look really skinny for pups. It is so hard for stray dogs to get the nutrition they need. I’m amazed she did as well as she did. All were born alive, alert, and so far seemingly healthy. Had she delivered this group outside they would all be dead shortly I fear. The cold temperature and her depleted condition would have been too much of a stress. It is so sad. PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR DOGS! Don’t keep letting this sort of thing go on.

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