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Hitting My Stride

Little angelsIt is a busy time, as I predicted. But not in the ways I thought it would be. Unless I am getting really good at this, I think I over-estimated the amount of effort caring for these little guys takes. Now, don’t get me wrong – I am correct regarding the amount of time it takes: two to three loads of laundry and cleaning up one extra big garbage bag full of poppy and pee-filled papers, moping two rooms totally 3 times a day, and laying clean papers at least 4 times a day takes a set amount of time. But like most things in life, it isn’t the time something takes that makes it seem so overwhelming, but the energy we put on it..the story about how difficult it is, the effort we put toward forcing ourselves to do it, or the misery we hold as we do it. But if we just do what (more…)

Puppies in the Snow

We all went outside again and enjoyed the warmish (35 F) temperatures. The puppies LOVE it outside and chewed up the sticks poking out of the snow. They still can’t stay out for more than 10 or 15 minutes but they really enjoyed themselves while they could. I brought them in when more than three puppies were shivering. Vixen even figured out that the door we came out of was the door worth trying to get back into and scratched at it! I was impressed.

I counted and at least 5 of the 8 took advantage of the great outdoors and pooped. I tell you, house training these dogs is going to be a breeze if the new families stick to my two principles of house training: read my House Training Your Puppy post.

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Crating Your Dog

Dog Crates at Amazon.comCrates are not bad as some people say – they replicate the idea of a den which dogs naturally dig in the wild. However, no den that they dig includes a door they can’t open. Don’t believe people who say that dogs “love” their crates. No animal likes to be confined against its will. But many dogs learn to tolerate their crates and will go in willingly when asked. Some even go to them when they are tired on their own. But when we shut that door we take away their freedom and they know it. They comply because that is what makes them the amazing creatures they are – they trust us implicitly.


House Training Your Puppy

For anyone adopting a new puppy, here are my two principles of house training:

1) Keep your puppy nearby (attached by leash is best) for the first few days you get him and EVERY SINGLE TIME he starts sniffing around take him outside to the same spot and give the same command (“go pee”, “go potty outside”, “hurry up” or whatever you want).

2) For the first month or so, after every transition, take your puppy outside (see #1 above). That means after waking, playing, eating, drinking, chewing, coming out of the crate, or snuggling. Do this every single time. I know it sounds terrible and it is true, you do end up taking the puppy out (more…)

A Trip to the Vet

Today was a stressful day for everyone. All eight puppies and Annie went to the vet for their checkup and vaccinations. Getting everyone into their crates (two in one crate, three in the other two) and those HEAVY crates into the car was a task for little ol’ me! Then the drive was stressful. There are two or three puppies that are really barkers – sharp, piercing, gotta-make-them-stop-NOW kind of barks. I understand how sound can be used to torture…plus my mommy instincts made me even more susceptible – puppy barks are a lot like little baby cries, just tugging at you to see what’s wrong and help them feel better. (more…)

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Mop Versus Puppies

Here is a very cute video clip of the now 6-week old pups having fun with clean up time! Watch as they dance and dart around the mop in their play room.

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