A Trip to the Vet

Today was a stressful day for everyone. All eight puppies and Annie went to the vet for their checkup and vaccinations. Getting everyone into their crates (two in one crate, three in the other two) and those HEAVY crates into the car was a task for little ol’ me! Then the drive was stressful. There are two or three puppies that are really barkers – sharp, piercing, gotta-make-them-stop-NOW kind of barks. I understand how sound can be used to torture…plus my mommy instincts made me even more susceptible – puppy barks are a lot like little baby cries, just tugging at you to see what’s wrong and help them feel better.

The crying continued all the way into the Vet’s office. Luckily they let me let the puppies out of the crates and immediately everyone was quiet and excitedly exploring. If anyone thinks that puppies don’t live in the moment you should think again. There I was still stressed out from the driving, still hearing the barking, still worried about them, and there they were all happily exploring, tails wagging. All the pups got their first set of puppy vaccinations, got wormed again, and got microchipped. Annie got her rabies vaccination and her second distemper, and was microchipped and wormed also. Everyone was weighed too – Annie weighing in at 52 pounds (I’ve upped her food again, she is looking too skinny to me) and the pups anywhere from 8-11 pounds. I was surprised they weren’t heavier, they seemed so much more so. But still, 11 is big for a 6-week old puppy.

Then it was back into the crates again for anther stressful drive home. I swear, it took me two hours after I got home to recover…Everyone was tired out and all of us went to bed about two hours earlier than usual. A blessing, that.

Thanks to Meadowview Veterinary Clinic in St. Charles IL for their care of this and my past litters!!

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