House Training Your Puppy

For anyone adopting a new puppy, here are my two principles of house training:

1) Keep your puppy nearby (attached by leash is best) for the first few days you get him and EVERY SINGLE TIME he starts sniffing around take him outside to the same spot and give the same command (“go pee”, “go potty outside”, “hurry up” or whatever you want).

2) For the first month or so, after every transition, take your puppy outside (see #1 above). That means after waking, playing, eating, drinking, chewing, coming out of the crate, or snuggling. Do this every single time. I know it sounds terrible and it is true, you do end up taking the puppy out every hour for about a month. But I tell you, if they NEVER go in the house they will learn that they are never allowed to go in the house that much faster. And the fewer accidents that occur (and accidents do happen) the easier it is for the dog to understand the rule. Please remember NEVER punish (hit, stick their nose in it) your puppy for an accident! If you don’t catch them pottying within three seconds of the offense it isn’t even worth it to yell at them. They just won’t make the connection. But, if the puppy is close by, you are likely to see them begin to squat and then if you yell “NO!” it is more effective, especially if you scoop them up and take them outside immediately. No more words are necessary, just “no” and “go potty outside.” No excessive praise is necessary either when they finish the job, but a “good job puppy!” is nice. If they don’t go within 3-5 minutes, take them back inside but be wary, many a puppy has figured out that there is a “cold place” to potty and a “warm place” (inside!) and they of course prefer the warmer one. If you think your puppy is due to pee and didn’t when you went out, watch her like a hawk so she doesn’t sneak a pee inside.

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