Greta’s puppies outside for the first time

Today the pups had their first foray into the wild outside world. I timed it correctly because they were curious and happy about being out there. When I put pups out and they aren’t ready, they all stand in a bunch and cry pitifully. But today then sniffed around and chewed on leaves and generally had a good time. I got a bunch of good photographs that will be going up on Petfinder. They are 4 1/2 weeks old and we’ll have them less than one more month. This time will fly by. I’ve really enjoyed this group and will miss them when they go.

Puppies first day outside

Puppies first day outside

Puppies first day outside


Puppies first day outside

Puppies first day outside

Puppies first day outside


More puppy photos


The puppies enjoyed the outdoors twice today! It was lovely sitting outside on a warm and breezy spring day watching their little furry bodies romp in the grass. They all seem very comfortable outside and there is much less crying than there was with my litter last year – Sweetie‘s group. They would cry every time they were outside and usually one or two would spend the entire time trying to get back inside! But this group seems to love the outdoors – yet another reason to love this bunch of puppies!


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Puppies in the Snow

We all went outside again and enjoyed the warmish (35 F) temperatures. The puppies LOVE it outside and chewed up the sticks poking out of the snow. They still can’t stay out for more than 10 or 15 minutes but they really enjoyed themselves while they could. I brought them in when more than three puppies were shivering. Vixen even figured out that the door we came out of was the door worth trying to get back into and scratched at it! I was impressed.

I counted and at least 5 of the 8 took advantage of the great outdoors and pooped. I tell you, house training these dogs is going to be a breeze if the new families stick to my two principles of house training: read my House Training Your Puppy post.

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Pups Get Some Fresh Air

Pups in the snowWe took the puppies outside today for the first time! The weather was warmish (temps in the 50’s!) and wet but they all took to exploring immediately! They loved it and I felt proud of my instinct to wait until now to introduce them to outside. Their noses took over and everyone of them explored the snow. A couple pooped immediately (yeah!) and most ate snow and ran around. It was fun but short lived. They were all wet and shivery within 10 minutes so we went back inside and they promptly fell asleep.

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