A brief update on Indy, with pictures

Here’s an update from on Indy (formerly Sweet William of Chloe’s litter):

Indy the dog, standing in a bay in Door County, WI

Indy, enjoying Door County, WI

Hi Kristin,

I check your website from time to time to keep up with the puppy updates, although our dogs are no longer puppies. Indy is doing Great!! We had another funfilled summer in Door County, WI. Indy loves to roam free and go swimming. He actually seems a little depressed when we return home or maybe just “wiped out”.

Hope the rest of Chloe‘s Clan is doing well.


Indy getting a hug

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New photos of Indy

Here is a note with new photos of Indy (formerly Sweet William of Chloe’s litter):

IndyHi Kristin,

Here are the latest photos of Indy. He’s grown into quite a big boy, about 85 pounds.

He’s a great dog, loves to play tug-of-war, loves stuffed animals (steals them from my kids all the time) and loves ice cubes. He comes running to the fridge every time he hears the ice dispenser. Can’t complain, he’s definitely a keeper!

Indy and piggieHere is what Indy did to an “Indestructible Pig” in 15 minutes. My daughter threw the pig in his crate, we ran to the store for about 15 minutes and returned to the gutted pig. Poor Piggy! Good thing he just likes to rip out the stuffing and not eat it. He’s been doing great outside of the crate. He sleeps on his dog bed at the foot of our bed every night and we’ve been leaving him out when we go on short trips. He hasn’t destroyed anything yet. So, hopefully we’ll be able to get rid of the crate soon.

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Sweet William is growing into a big boy

We have an update from Sweet William of Chloe’s litter…

William 07/23/09Here’s William! He’s 25 pounds now, and while the biting is still much more than we would like, the trainer gave us some great tips, and we have seen improvement since Tuesday. One persistent problem has been diarrhea. The vet suggests that he could have a grain allergy. So we’re trying grain-free food, and hoping for the best.

Puppy update on William

A note from puppy William‘s (formerly Sweet William) new family…

WilliamHi Kristin,
Sorry to take so long to get back to you. It’s been a crazy week, and William has been the least of the chaos! He is a super puppy. The only problem is he has his days and nights mixed up–he sleeps all day, then we’re up most of the night. I’m hoping to get him turned around starting tomorrow.

Any advice you can give on biting, I’d appreciate it. William loves the boys so much, that he just bites the heck out of them. They aren’t able to enjoy him yet like they want to.

Good to hear from you. No wonder he was always so sleepy when people were coming over! I wonder if any other puppies are that way – that would make sense, he and someone else staying up all night playing and lounging around sleeping all day…

About the biting. Biting is very normal puppy behavior. He needs to be trained not to bite humans or our clothing EVER. So, every single time he bites you tell him sharply “no BITE”. A (more…)

Updates and naming the puppies

The puppies are getting the hang of eating on their own – today I counted 5 of the 7 all lapping from their bowls at the same time! A new record.

the pups on May 20, 2009Tonight I weighed them all and gave them a wormer. Even though their paperwork indicated they were wormed when they came into the shelter I was having my doubts. They’ve been with me since Saturday, making this day 5, and their bellies were still tight. So at 4 weeks their weights range from 3 lbs 1 ounce to 4 lbs 3 ounces!! Most were in the upper 3 pound range. If I kept better records I would know how this compares with other litters but alas I have not. Oh well.

I was thinking, since we had so much success with Annie‘s puppies being named after Rudolph’s reindeers, I was thinking of naming this group after flowers. It took some head scratching to come up with male sounding flower names (we have three males in the litter) but here they are in order of my favorite:

Female names: Poppy, Lily, Iris, Tulip, Daisy
Male names: Sweet William, Aster, Crocus, Jacob (Jacob’s Ladder)

Any votes which we keep and which one of each group we throw out? Just comment on this post (below) and let me know.