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Chloe and pups preparing for adoption

As you probably know, we are a volunteer foster-dog family for an organization called H.E.L.P. ( in suburban Chicago. When dogs we foster are ready for adoption, they are listed individually on the leading pet adoption site,, and on the H.E.L.P. site. In a few weeks, mama Chloe and her seven puppies will be ready for adoption to their forever families. Here are links to each of the dogs:
Chloe 5/23/2009

If you are interested in beginning the adoption application process, follow the links above for information.

These pups are chill and happy

Pups 5/23/2009The puppies are loving being outside. They are such a subdued group, very chill and happy. They love cuddling and are getting used to many different people as we’ve had a lot of visitors with their children. This is great help to me, so thank you everyone who has visited so far and if you’d like to visit drop me a line! Also, we’re taking applications now for the puppies so if you’re interested contact H.E.L.P. (Homes for Endangered and Lost Pets) at or by calling at 877-364-2286.

Pups 5/23/2009It is amazing how relaxed I am this time around. I think it is a combination of this group being quieter than the past groups, the mama, Chloe being healthy (no parasites, no illness, not overly skinny) and me hitting my stride. I will hit harder times shortly, as the pups turn 6 weeks they will get busier, but for now I keep thinking, “this is a breeze!” Yeah.

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Mama dog Chloe nurses her pups

Here is a short video shot outside last weekend.  Mama Chloe is nursing her puppies in the yard.

Watch this video on YouTube!

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For the love of Franklin

Franklin’s favorite foods:

    Oatmeal pancakes with maple syrup
    ToastWaffles (best with maple syrup)
    CarrotsCornRed pepper seeds (!)
    the bean part of green beans (only)
    Orange juice
    Soy milk
    Peas (occasionally)




Things Franklin says:

    Frank frank
    What IS it?
    Shut up
    GOOD bird!
    Kiss kiss
    Thank you.
    (zipper sound)
    (a cough)
    (A laugh)
    Up up
    Come here
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Puppy update on Miley

Here is a note received from one of Sweetie‘s puppy families. Kaylee and her family adopted a pup we called her Ryan, they renamed her Miley. This is from their daughter, Miley’s owner. Thanks Kaylee!

Hey, Miley (Ryan) is doing really good!! I can’t believe she’s one already! I love Miley!! We named her Miley now!!!! I try to take her on a walk everyday!!! I feed her at 3:00 pm. everyday! My Mom feeds her at 5:00am. everyday, and Miley goes in my Mom’s room and licks face at 5:00am. everyday!!!! She sleeps in my room since I got her a really big bed! She’s up to my knee, and I am “58” and a foot and a half from the ground to my knee! Miley weighs 40lbs! She’s still a little skittish around some kids. But she’s doing really good! She can jump through 2 hula-hoops, sit, lay down,shake, and lots more! She loves to bark at other dogs when they walk by! I can’t pick her up anymore! Miley grew a lot since we got her! When I come home from school she jumps on me like she hasn’t seen me in a year! She does it when we come home from the store too! I’ll try to send you some pictures of when we first got her and what she looks like now! Thank you for Miley! She is the best dog ever! She fits in our family perfectly!

From, Kaylee

Kids and puppies

My son is good with dogs. His friend was struggling because even though she didn’t want them coming after her, she kept drawing our dogs to her (because she was flapping her arms, yelling and calling the dogs by their names). Ryan showed her perfectly how to communicate to a dog that he doesn’t want attention: He sat still, kept his arms close to his body and looked away from the dog. As his friend did the same, the dogs ignored her too. Now, I’ve never taught him that specifically, but he knew exactly what to do. That was a proud moment for me! But then later as they were playing with the puppies I came into the room after hearing much whining from Chloe and found a puppy alone ON TOP of the large dog crate! So, he’s smart but he’s still just 6yrs old!!
Here’s my future dog whisperer in training:

Future dog whisperer

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