Updates and naming the puppies

The puppies are getting the hang of eating on their own – today I counted 5 of the 7 all lapping from their bowls at the same time! A new record.

the pups on May 20, 2009Tonight I weighed them all and gave them a wormer. Even though their paperwork indicated they were wormed when they came into the shelter I was having my doubts. They’ve been with me since Saturday, making this day 5, and their bellies were still tight. So at 4 weeks their weights range from 3 lbs 1 ounce to 4 lbs 3 ounces!! Most were in the upper 3 pound range. If I kept better records I would know how this compares with other litters but alas I have not. Oh well.

I was thinking, since we had so much success with Annie‘s puppies being named after Rudolph’s reindeers, I was thinking of naming this group after flowers. It took some head scratching to come up with male sounding flower names (we have three males in the litter) but here they are in order of my favorite:

Female names: Poppy, Lily, Iris, Tulip, Daisy
Male names: Sweet William, Aster, Crocus, Jacob (Jacob’s Ladder)

Any votes which we keep and which one of each group we throw out? Just comment on this post (below) and let me know.

On a different note – a new friend and her son came over to play with the puppies and as we talked she told me she used to breed a rare breed of parrot!!! What luck for me as I am clueless about birds. Her assessment: I love the bird. He will be very noisy. He thinks I am his mate. There is hope for him being a good bird to the rest of the family. He bit her and boy did she nip that in the bud! She gently but firmly grabbed his beak and didn’t let go for a few beats as he tried to shake her hand off. After that he was a sweetie and didn’t try to bite again. So I was relieved. There is hope.

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