Puppies on the mend

Ruffy and Anialduln

Ruffy and Anialduln

The pups were strangly quiet Saturday night.  I got home from work at 6pm and didn’t hear a peep all night!  I began to worry.  I finally went in around 9:30pm and woke them all up from what looked like a deep sleep.  They sat up slowly, blinked their eyes and just looked at me for a long moment.  I said, “Hi puppies?”  And then they sprang to life, jumping out of the plastic swimming pool filled with blankets and toys and running to jump on my legs.  Whew.  But there is something not quite right with them.  They are too sleepy, their bellies too bulgey, overall they’re just too quiet.  And they have diarahea.  I have to remind myself that ALL the puppies I’ve ever fostered have had some sort of intestinal illness.  And that it isn’t my fault!  So, tomorrow, Monday, it’s back to the vet wtih a fecal and a plea for antibiotics.  My diagnosis?  Coccidea.  The ever present illness.  I’m fairly certain that’s what it is. 

Fluffy and Ruffy at play

Fluffy and Ruffy at play

Anyway, they are alert and playful when they’re awake and very interested in me.  I hold them and they look deeply into my eyes as if to say, “So, who ARE you anyway?”

Fluffy” is black with thick, fluffy fir. “Ruffy” is black and a little leaner. “Anealduln” is the cream colored puppy.

What Puppies Dream Of

puppies sleepingLast night I was thinking about how in two days the pups will start going to their new homes. I was sad that they were sleepy tonight because I would have liked to cuddle some. So I cleaned the room, laid the papers, put out 4 bowls of clean water and food to last them through the night and rolled them all off the wet bedding and onto clean dry bedding. I will miss them. It never gets easier, this short time before the long goodbyes.

Someone asked me, “what do you think puppies dream about?” I think they dream about playing and nursing. And who wouldn’t if that was what your whole life consisted of? And who would really want it any differently if it was?

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Puppies Get More Space

Today the pups graduated from their puppy bed to a new and improved sleeping situation. They have grown so large that they were peeing on each other because they were so crowded! Also, one of them escaped from their sand box a few days ago and needed to be rescued by me. I didn’t want that to happen again. So now they are sleeping on the floor snuggled in blankets with access to another part of the floor to practice walking and hopefully begin peeing in a different place from where they sleep. Both of these sections are separated from the rest of the room to keep them somewhat contained.

At this point they are better at walking backwards than forwards and tend to get confused and scared when they see where they want to go but can’t get their body to get them there. It they have a smaller space to maneuver they can’t get into as much trouble.

New video! (more…)

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More Puppy Video

We’ve had some feedback (yeah please send us feedback or use the comment form at the end of each post!!) suggesting we setup a live PuppyCam on the web.  This is a great idea and we are looking into the technical end of doing just that.  But for now, we will increase our video content via YouTube. 

Here is a short video of the pups sleeping and having puppy dreams!

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