Brief update on puppy Ani

This note from Anialduln‘s new family… her new name is Ginger!

Hi Kristin,

I’m definitely planning on coming to some of the puppy playtimes, but I want to get Ani (now named Ginger) used to riding in the car with some shorter trips first.

She’s doing great — getting big fast. I’m taking her to the vet in a few days for her next set of puppy shots, so I’ll get an accurate weight check then.

She’s doing really well with her potty training. She seems to like sleeping in her crate; she’ll even sometimes go in there during the day when we’re up and around and she’s loose in the house.

I hope Fluffy and Ruffy are in good homes too. Do you think they’ll go to any of the puppy socializations on Saturdays? I’d love to see them together again.

Thanks for keeping in touch!

2 more puppies coming

get me out!Fluffy, Ruffy, and Ani have left but now two of their siblings are arriving tomorrow afternoon!  How cool is that? 

They have been checked out and are healthy as can be (thankfully) and we hope that the stay at our house will be a brief 2 weeks. 

SO, keep your ears open for anyone looking for a pup!

Ruffy2new pups

Puppies are leaving, but one remains

Ruffy needs a good home
Ruffy needs a good home

So sad. Anialduln (Ani) left on Sunday of last weekend and it looks like Fluffy is soon to part us too. That leaves poor little Ruffy…I figured he’d go last. He is such a sweet heart and so mellow and easy going. He’ll make some family with kids a great companion. Please, if you know of anyone looking for a sweet puppy, let them know we’ve got him.

So, Ani left and got a clean bill of health from her new vet! Yeah. Here she is getting her “time to go home” bath.

Ruffy lounging in the sun

Ruffy lounging in the sun

Ani Bath 3


Ani Bath 2


Ani Bath 1



Puppies are WELL

FluffyThe puppies are well…well, that’s what the second fecal sample indicates.  One (Ruffy) still has pretty loose stools but the vet thinks that’s due to the drastic changes in food/shelter etc.  We’ll see, time will tell.  But it seems that Fluffy and Ani are both doing great.  Whew, what a relief.  Now, it seems, I need to work on socializing them some.  They are fine with people walking around and playing with them with toys but really struggle against being held.  Not at all snugly!  But with time they will learn how to enjoy that.  So, anyone out there who wants some rehabilitative snuggle time, just let me know.

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Puppies on the mend

Ruffy and Anialduln

Ruffy and Anialduln

The pups were strangly quiet Saturday night.  I got home from work at 6pm and didn’t hear a peep all night!  I began to worry.  I finally went in around 9:30pm and woke them all up from what looked like a deep sleep.  They sat up slowly, blinked their eyes and just looked at me for a long moment.  I said, “Hi puppies?”  And then they sprang to life, jumping out of the plastic swimming pool filled with blankets and toys and running to jump on my legs.  Whew.  But there is something not quite right with them.  They are too sleepy, their bellies too bulgey, overall they’re just too quiet.  And they have diarahea.  I have to remind myself that ALL the puppies I’ve ever fostered have had some sort of intestinal illness.  And that it isn’t my fault!  So, tomorrow, Monday, it’s back to the vet wtih a fecal and a plea for antibiotics.  My diagnosis?  Coccidea.  The ever present illness.  I’m fairly certain that’s what it is. 

Fluffy and Ruffy at play

Fluffy and Ruffy at play

Anyway, they are alert and playful when they’re awake and very interested in me.  I hold them and they look deeply into my eyes as if to say, “So, who ARE you anyway?”

Fluffy” is black with thick, fluffy fir. “Ruffy” is black and a little leaner. “Anealduln” is the cream colored puppy.