Sugar looks 90% Labrador

A wonderful update on Sugar (from Willow‘s litter)…90% lab isn’t bad for a rescue puppy!!

Just a little update on Sugar, she is doing great, she just started puppy classes and did very well. All her other classmates were tiny breed dogs and I told my husband Sugar looked like Clifford the Big Red Dog.

She is super dog and people friendly and doesn’t understand why everyone does not want to play with her. She is into everything, we cannot turn our backs for one minute. She too like Koda found her way on top of tables, we keep referring to her as Marley. I am curious to know how her litter mates are doing, size of them and how they look. Sugar keeps growing and growing, she is about 35 lbs. at almost 16 weeks and her color has gotten a little more golden yellow. My vet says she looks 90% Lab but her ears are much longer than a labs. I will try to send some pictures when I learn how to attach to my e-mails– I am not very computer savy. I would like to attend some puppy playtimes, but it is just a little too far.

Part Lab Perhaps

I was at work last night and saw a magazine all about Lab puppies and stopped and stared…the cover had a line of three puppies and I swear that the middle one looked exactly like Annie’s cream pups! So, they are likely Lab mixes! What fun. So many people want a Lab puppy, this will surely help with their adoption. Although I doubt there will be much trouble adopting them out, they are adorable.

They are really starting to show their personalities now. After feeding them they have about 30 minutes of rough-housing in them before the crash. They play fight, stalk their toys and run in little circles barking. They are getting more steady on their feet too, and are more able to actually accomplish a pounce. Before they would just think about pouncing and instead just (more…)

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