Part Lab Perhaps

I was at work last night and saw a magazine all about Lab puppies and stopped and stared…the cover had a line of three puppies and I swear that the middle one looked exactly like Annie’s cream pups! So, they are likely Lab mixes! What fun. So many people want a Lab puppy, this will surely help with their adoption. Although I doubt there will be much trouble adopting them out, they are adorable.

They are really starting to show their personalities now. After feeding them they have about 30 minutes of rough-housing in them before the crash. They play fight, stalk their toys and run in little circles barking. They are getting more steady on their feet too, and are more able to actually accomplish a pounce. Before they would just think about pouncing and instead just throw themselves off balance and end up on their backs. Now you can see them lower down, move side to side a bit and get their legs under them and jump on their unsuspecting brother. Their teeth are fully erupted so they are chewing on anything and everything – ears, tails, bedding, my pants and shoes and their toys.

The black, tailless male and the largest stub-tailed cream male and the brown male are all the most adventurous. If there is something to explore they are the three to be first to explore it. The rest like to hang back and see what is up first before venturing out. I’m sure more of their personalities will be revealed as they continue to grow.

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