Brady has grown into a good dog

me & BradyI recevied a note from the owner of Brady (formerly known as Cupid from Annie‘s litter).

I wanted to write and let you know how wonderful of a dog Brady is. He is so eager to please and is currently in training classes which have taken him from a good dog to a great dog. I can not express how happy I am having rescued him. I am attaching a few pictures and will be getting some more soon . hope you like them!

Here is my response:

Thank you SO much for passing these photos on to me! I remember you well, wasn’t your other dog named Bella? I am very happy to hear that Brady is giving you so much love and is being a good boy. I get to see his brother, Donner now named Bauer, every Monday at a free, off leash playtime I run. It is great to get to see my babies all grown up! If you are ever in the St Charles area you have to bring him by for a visit!

Thanks again for the update – it means so much to me.

Brady at play

brady and bella


More Photos of Brady

Our little Cupid is now “Brady” as we saw in A Cupid Update.  Here are more photos to enjoy… click on a small photo to see a larger one!

brady2 brady3 brady4
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Last Four Pups Go On Their Way

And so the final four left yesterday…Little Cupid, Vixen, Dasher and Donner. I was sad but business-like once again. We let the pups romp outside with the family that took Cupid and that made a good memory for me of transition.



To you Cupid I wish for many long and lazy nights spent chewing a good bone, tired out from a day of playing with your doggy sister and from good, long, Cesar-inspired walks. Your new family will love you and more importantly, keep their attention on what you need to live a full life as a dog.



Vixen, to you with your spunky and happy personality I wish for you many silly games with your new little family member. I hope you have lots of doggy play-dates, long romps in big spaces, and I hope you learn to catch a frisbee. I know you will be a beautiful jumper, your tiny 8 week old body already so athletic. Be a good girl and learn the rules of your new home. Make me proud.



And Dasher, my beautiful boy, enjoy your new family – full of love, children and other dogs. Learn the rules of the house and teach your owners some new tricks. Get your doggy brother into shape and get your people out walking more often. And enjoy all the love the children have to give.



And finally, dear little Donner. You are so loved, I can see it in your new family’s eyes. You will grow up to be a beauty. Keep your happy tail wagging sweetness. Enjoy all the things life is going to give to you. Make new friends that honor the friendship between you and my son…for you were his favorite playmate, and his pride and joy. Remember how to give paw (both the front AND back!) and never ever forget how to dance.

Puppy Personalities Shining Through

personality a plenty!Puppy personalities are really starting to come to the surface. Here’s my description of the puppies’ personalities thus far: