Chloe is making progress

This is the best news of all. I am so happy for Chloe.

Hi Kristin,

Just wanted to update you on Chloe’s progress!  What a wonderful dog!!!! 🙂

She has made a complete recovery from her past!!!!!  My parents can leave her in the house alone for more than 4 hours.  They use a tape recorder when they are gone to see if she is pacing or stressed.  She doesn’t seem to be because she doesn’t whine any more, and you can’t hear her at all. I think she sleeps or sits in the window waiting for them to return.  Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and plan to get
her adjusted, and your part in making this dog happy again.


February 4, 2010 • Tags: , • Posted in: behavior, Chloe, story update

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