Dog Summit – Chloe’s Family Reunion

Chloe & pups, May 2009

Chloe & pups, May 2009

On Sunday, Nov. 8 we have a first for CanineFostering  planned:  A family reunion of all of Chloe’s puppies with Chloe in attendance as well.  We are all so excited!  It is amazing that this group has come together and stayed in contact.  It makes so much sense though – new familes of puppies need support and benefit from a place to exchange training ideas.  All it took was one of the group to extend the offer of setting up an email list and everyone jumped on board.  Now we’ll be able to see how much everyone has grown and see if Chloe even remembers any of them!  I am so happy to be anticipating this.  Pictures and movies will follow.

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