Happy birthday to Sweetie’s puppies

We received a note from one of Sweetie‘s adoptive families reminding us it is that litter’s birthday! Thanks for the reminder, Barb… here is her note and a photo of Mia.

Mia is 1 year old

Mia is one year old

I know you’re busy with a new litter of (very cute) puppies, but we thought today would be a perfect day to let you know how Mia‘s doing, since it’s her first birthday. I’ve also attached her official first birthday portrait 🙂  Mia is loving agility training! She is a natural born jumper. She will jump over hurdles and through tires all day. She even likes the tunnel. She has turned out to be pretty skittish (new things really rock her world – don’t leave a cabinet door open, or empty a room of furniture for the carpet cleaners – these really freak her out). Agility class has really helped her be more comfortable with noise and change, but it’s an ongoing issue. 

She’s really good off-leash, so when we get out on the bike trail, she loves to follow a scent – sometimes missing a small herd of deer because she’s so intent on some smell she’s found. So far, she has always come when called back, and never gets too far away. She seems to understand the concept of “checking in” when we’re on those walks. When we encounter others on the trail, she will always come on command, get the leash back on and meet and greet. She seems to understand that once we’re on our way again, she’ll get to explore some more.

She sleeps with our daughter, in the bed, way down under the covers – that’s her spot. It’s the only piece of furniture she’s allowed on, though sometimes she tests that rule. She likes her crate too, in fact, she’s in it right now, door wide open. When Emma spends the night away from home, Mia takes longer to settle in for the night, but still sleeps on the bed eventually.

Mia is doing great! We love her very much and can’t imagine life without her. Emma has been checking out your blog about this new litter you have and is lobbying hard for another puppy. I’m trying to stay steadfast in my “no”, but they sure are cute! I think we need one more year…

Happy Birthday to all Mia’s siblings! Thanks for being there for them so they could reach this day.

Barb K.

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