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Chloe at baseball game 5/19/09I took Chloe to my son’s baseball game yesterday evening. I wondered what I was thinking, given how new she is to us and everything, but my instincts were right. She showed some stress at first but as soon as we sat down she approached each of my friends and their children sweetly and asked for cuddles. She is such a friendly dog! She spent the entire game rolling around happily in the grass, glad, I think, to not have mommy duties for a spell. A friend who has a golden retriever said that she was the spitting image of her dog, so there you go. We’ll be calling her a golden retriever mix.

The puppies are HUNGRY all the time. Tonight they discovered Chloe’s food bowl and tried to eat her large kibble. They were very interested in it and spent about 15 minutes of their undivided attention on licking each piece. Then they all climbed into bed happy and satisfied. So I decided to get some dry food soaking tonight to give it to them in the morning.

I am hanging in there but it is hard!! I know have a glimmer of what it must be like for women with more than one child. You never feel like you are giving anyone all of what they need and you end up just shooting for the best you can do. Everyone is missing me – Lollie, my pit-mix is so crabby, she is literally pouting. She refuses to go outside in the morning, preferring instead to hide under my car in the garage. I hope that is all it is, just pouting…she is reminding me a bit of Sadie and how withdrawn she got right before she was diagnosed with lymphoma. I prefer to think it is just pouting. If it is something worse it will make itself known soon enough. She is fine and well otherwise.

Tonight I tried and failed to cut the pups toenails. Being unused to being handled by me they squirmed and cried piteously. I will try again before bed. They are so long they are scratching mama’s tummy. Usually by now they’ve had their first nail trim and we’re on to trim number 2! But everything is pushed back this time around.

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  1. Annie - May 20th, 2009

    Hey Kris .. I think Chloe looks a little like Star — neither has the slightly bushy coat that a retriever has.
    We have no idea what kind of dog Star is, but we have guessed she’s a German Shepherd/Yellow Lab (We tell people she’s a Yellow Shepherd). Though people have said she looks like she’s got some grayhound in her because of her legs.
    Of course, what do I know.

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