Happy birthday to Sweetie’s puppies

We received a note from one of Sweetie‘s adoptive families reminding us it is that litter’s birthday! Thanks for the reminder, Barb… here is her note and a photo of Mia.

Mia is 1 year old

Mia is one year old

I know you’re busy with a new litter of (very cute) puppies, but we thought today would be a perfect day to let you know how Mia‘s doing, since it’s her first birthday. I’ve also attached her official first birthday portrait 🙂  Mia is loving agility training! She is a natural born jumper. She will jump over hurdles and through tires all day. She even likes the tunnel. She has turned out to be pretty skittish (new things really rock her world – don’t leave a cabinet door open, or empty a room of furniture for the carpet cleaners – these really freak her out). Agility class has really helped her be more comfortable with noise and change, but it’s an ongoing issue. 


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The Foxhound in Mia shows through

Another pup from Sweetie was little Oreo. Here is an update from her forever family along with a photo…

Mia today

Mia today

Mia is now almost 8 months old and only 28 pounds – about 20 pounds smaller than we thought she’d be, but really a perfect size! Her foxhound genes are very apparent. She loves to chase the squirrels in our backyard and whines almost as if she’s in pain at the door to be let out to chase them. She loves to ride in the car and is a very good traveler, very alert to see where we’re going, but curling up on the seat to sleep if she realizes it’s going to be a long trip. She’s past chewing things that aren’t hers, but she still likes to “find” socks and carry them around. It’s funny to see the guilty look on her face when she gets caught with them, drops them and comes in close to apologize by rolling over on her back as if to say, “got to love me!”

Adopting Mia was the best decision for us. As my 10-year-old daughter says, “Mia is the perfect puppy for our family”! Her start in a foster home, with a family we think, is a big reason why her transition into our family was so easy.
-Barb K.