These pups are chill and happy

Pups 5/23/2009The puppies are loving being outside. They are such a subdued group, very chill and happy. They love cuddling and are getting used to many different people as we’ve had a lot of visitors with their children. This is great help to me, so thank you everyone who has visited so far and if you’d like to visit drop me a line! Also, we’re taking applications now for the puppies so if you’re interested contact H.E.L.P. (Homes for Endangered and Lost Pets) at or by calling at 877-364-2286.

Pups 5/23/2009It is amazing how relaxed I am this time around. I think it is a combination of this group being quieter than the past groups, the mama, Chloe being healthy (no parasites, no illness, not overly skinny) and me hitting my stride. I will hit harder times shortly, as the pups turn 6 weeks they will get busier, but for now I keep thinking, “this is a breeze!” Yeah.

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