Kids and puppies

My son is good with dogs. His friend was struggling because even though she didn’t want them coming after her, she kept drawing our dogs to her (because she was flapping her arms, yelling and calling the dogs by their names). Ryan showed her perfectly how to communicate to a dog that he doesn’t want attention: He sat still, kept his arms close to his body and looked away from the dog. As his friend did the same, the dogs ignored her too. Now, I’ve never taught him that specifically, but he knew exactly what to do. That was a proud moment for me! But then later as they were playing with the puppies I came into the room after hearing much whining from Chloe and found a puppy alone ON TOP of the large dog crate! So, he’s smart but he’s still just 6yrs old!!
Here’s my future dog whisperer in training:

Future dog whisperer

May 25, 2009 • Tags: , • Posted in: behavior, Chloe, dog ownership, pups

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