Puppies are WELL

FluffyThe puppies are well…well, that’s what the second fecal sample indicates.  One (Ruffy) still has pretty loose stools but the vet thinks that’s due to the drastic changes in food/shelter etc.  We’ll see, time will tell.  But it seems that Fluffy and Ani are both doing great.  Whew, what a relief.  Now, it seems, I need to work on socializing them some.  They are fine with people walking around and playing with them with toys but really struggle against being held.  Not at all snugly!  But with time they will learn how to enjoy that.  So, anyone out there who wants some rehabilitative snuggle time, just let me know.

March 2, 2010 • Tags: , , • Posted in: health, puppy update, pups

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