Rubi has surgery for obstruction

This disturbing report from Rubi‘s family (of Willow‘s litter):

Really wish I lived closer. If you ever do a get together of all of Willow’s litter mates, we will hopefully be able to do something like that. It would be neat to see how Rubi Red reacts. 🙂

A quick update on her. Lets see, how do I make this quick. 2 weeks ago, Rubi started throwing up her food which is very odd as she doesn’t throw up. It wasn’t every time she ate, but when she started to get a tiny bit lethargic, it started to get us to really think. From Wed to Fri, she threw up 3 times and I decided to take her into the vet on Saturday morning just to make sure.

Good thing I made an appointment because she threw up on Saturday morning. They took x-rays, but thought maybe she just had a poop build up. They sent me home with that prescription bland diet and gave her an anti-nausia shot. She did NOT get any better and was drooling like crazy. On sunday, she stopped drinking water and eating. There’s no messing with that and we brought her to the emergency vet. They took more x-rays and were about 80% sure that something was stuck in or around her small intestines. So, they did immediate surgery. Turns out, she had eaten a part of the blanket she lays on. It filled an entire sandwich bag. She stayed at the vet for a couple days for observation as her pancreas was a little swollen from the blanket that was jammed in there. She was slowly getting better that week, BUT on Saturday night, she stopped eating and drinking again. ugh. We brought her back to the same emergency vet on Sunday and they figured her pancreas might be a little inflamed still, so they put her back on antibiotics and gave her fluids and some anti-nausea just in case. Poor Rubi.

Her staples are out and she’s back to bouncing off the walls! I guess that wasn’t a short update, but I’ve been meaning to email you and update you on what happened with her.

Oh MY! I am SO happy that all is ok now. What a scary situation for you both. Good job acting fast and keeping on it. I’ll post this as a cautionary tale to those with puppies out there.

An update on Rubi

Here is the latest update on Rubi (formerly Red Bud from Willow’s litter)…

Rubi at bedtime

Rubi at bedtime

Rubi is doing really well. She’s growing so big…she’s over 44lbs now (apparently not as big as her other litter mates)! She still has her beautiful eyes and her red nose. She has developed mange as well. It would have taken us a lot longer to figure out what was wrong with Rubi if the other families have not informed us. Thanks! She’s on her treatment and we hope she gets better asap.

She’s so full of life and energy. We walk her daily but it’s a good thing Dave can also take her to the Dupage county off leash area where she gets to run around and mingle with other dogs…and gets a lot of her energy out. She’s losing her puppy teeth and has stopped nipping and mouthing.

halloween RubiRubí has done very well with training commands. She knows down, stay, sit, come and “high-five” with consistency (occasionally she has some trouble with distractions). She was the star of her puppy class. So far we haven’t had an accident in the house in a very long time.

She loves to snuggle before bedtime with us. She’s growing so big but still thinks of herself as a little lap dog.

She had some fun dressing up as a french maid for Halloween. Her and Qhali (our cat) both got in the spirit of things. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep both of them still for a good picture. Maybe next time.

She’s such a joy and everyone she meets loves her.

d and e

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An update on Rubi

Here is an update with photos on Rubi (formerly known as Red from Willow‘s litter)

RubiRubi is doing really great. We started puppy classes a couple weeks ago so she can get over her apprehension of dogs. She did surprisingly well and we hope it keeps improving. Her nipping is our biggest issue now. We are trying time-outs, but that doesn’t always work. Other than that, she has all her commands down most of the time and we’re just practicing them with distractions. She loves to cuddle and loves to play with her soft toys. Here’s a few pictures at 13 weeks.
-E- & D-


Rubi Rubi
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Update on puppy Rubi

This is from another of Willow‘s crew – puppy Rubi‘s family. Thank you so much for the update!! I love to hear how well she is doing…it seems that Willow’s pups are really smart!!

Rubi outsideSweet Rubi is getting so big. Her legs are growing and growing. People are shocked to find out how young she is because she’s so big. I make it a point to tell people that she’s a rescue. They’re shocked and tell me what a beautiful dog she it. Lets rescue more!!! 🙂 Rubi loves to go on walks and loves to play in the yard. She knows “sit”, “down” and “lets go” (instead of “come here”). She’s a really smart dog and we’re so proud of her.

She also loves her naps. She makes these grunting sounds when she lays down and goes to sleep. So cute. Oh, and those “puppy dog” eyes are to die for.

Rubi chew toyShe does like to chew, chew, chew and eat whatever she can pick up. The bitter apple spray seems to be working mostly. Her 9-week vet visit went great and got a clean bill of health from the doctor. She’s still learning all the sounds and isn’t so sure about other dogs. We are working on that. She loves kids and still needs to learn that her teeth are sharp and they hurt.

Rubi napsShe now sleeps through the night with no accidents and we hope this continues. She loves to eat and eats way to fast. We got this ball to put in her bowl and that has slowed her down about 20 seconds. We tried the bowl that has little compartments, but she figured out how to flip that over and spill the food all over. Any tips would be great for that. We’re really lucky to have such a well-behaved puppy and a quick learner. She’s our little cuddly lap dog…soon to be big lap dog.

I’ve attached a few pictures. There’s so many to choose from.

E- and D-

Puppy update on Red Bud

Here is the first of what I hope will be many updates from the adoptive families of Willow‘s litter. This note on Rubi (fromerly known as Red Bud) is from Rubi’s new forever family – keep the updates coming and we will share!

Rubi is knocked outAn update about Rubi (formerly called Red Bud) howled the entire ride home. Since she’s been to her new home, she hasn’t howled once (so far). She was shaking when she first got inside, but in about 10 minutes, she started to trust me and became herself again. The blanket helped and is still helping tremendously. I’m so glad you gave that to us. Thanks. Found out HOW small their bladders are. She had a little to drink and 4 minutes later, she piddled. Taught me a lesson really quick. She has since piddled and pooped outside! She sniffed around for about an hour and 1/2 and then went right into her huge crate (that we have to make a little smaller somehow) and passed out. I attached a picture. Absolutely adorable! We love her so much.
Enjoy the peace and quiet.
E- & D-

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