Puppy update on Red Bud

Here is the first of what I hope will be many updates from the adoptive families of Willow‘s litter. This note on Rubi (fromerly known as Red Bud) is from Rubi’s new forever family – keep the updates coming and we will share!

Rubi is knocked outAn update about Rubi (formerly called Red Bud) howled the entire ride home. Since she’s been to her new home, she hasn’t howled once (so far). She was shaking when she first got inside, but in about 10 minutes, she started to trust me and became herself again. The blanket helped and is still helping tremendously. I’m so glad you gave that to us. Thanks. Found out HOW small their bladders are. She had a little to drink and 4 minutes later, she piddled. Taught me a lesson really quick. She has since piddled and pooped outside! She sniffed around for about an hour and 1/2 and then went right into her huge crate (that we have to make a little smaller somehow) and passed out. I attached a picture. Absolutely adorable! We love her so much.
Enjoy the peace and quiet.
E- & D-

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