An update on Rubi

Here is the latest update on Rubi (formerly Red Bud from Willow’s litter)…

Rubi at bedtime

Rubi at bedtime

Rubi is doing really well. She’s growing so big…she’s over 44lbs now (apparently not as big as her other litter mates)! She still has her beautiful eyes and her red nose. She has developed mange as well. It would have taken us a lot longer to figure out what was wrong with Rubi if the other families have not informed us. Thanks! She’s on her treatment and we hope she gets better asap.

She’s so full of life and energy. We walk her daily but it’s a good thing Dave can also take her to the Dupage county off leash area where she gets to run around and mingle with other dogs…and gets a lot of her energy out. She’s losing her puppy teeth and has stopped nipping and mouthing.

halloween RubiRubí has done very well with training commands. She knows down, stay, sit, come and “high-five” with consistency (occasionally she has some trouble with distractions). She was the star of her puppy class. So far we haven’t had an accident in the house in a very long time.

She loves to snuggle before bedtime with us. She’s growing so big but still thinks of herself as a little lap dog.

She had some fun dressing up as a french maid for Halloween. Her and Qhali (our cat) both got in the spirit of things. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep both of them still for a good picture. Maybe next time.

She’s such a joy and everyone she meets loves her.

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Puppy update on Red Bud

Here is the first of what I hope will be many updates from the adoptive families of Willow‘s litter. This note on Rubi (fromerly known as Red Bud) is from Rubi’s new forever family – keep the updates coming and we will share!

Rubi is knocked outAn update about Rubi (formerly called Red Bud) howled the entire ride home. Since she’s been to her new home, she hasn’t howled once (so far). She was shaking when she first got inside, but in about 10 minutes, she started to trust me and became herself again. The blanket helped and is still helping tremendously. I’m so glad you gave that to us. Thanks. Found out HOW small their bladders are. She had a little to drink and 4 minutes later, she piddled. Taught me a lesson really quick. She has since piddled and pooped outside! She sniffed around for about an hour and 1/2 and then went right into her huge crate (that we have to make a little smaller somehow) and passed out. I attached a picture. Absolutely adorable! We love her so much.
Enjoy the peace and quiet.
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Meet puppy Red Bud

Red BudRed Bud is a big and beautiful girl, born to a mama who looks to be part Golden Retriever/Labrador mixed with a setter or hound. Her mama, Willow is also up for adoption and is a mellow, playful, cuddly and patient dog. Her pups really take after her. Red Bud, who I just call “Red”, really is a lover. She has a red coat, lots of wrinkles, and green eyes! What a stunner. Her energy level is lower than some of her sisters which simply means that she will stop for a second to let you pet her! She is a beauty. Red is nearly house trained, having had the luxury of spending lots of time outside. She has had her first set of puppy shots, has been microchipped, and is on flea and heartworm preventative.

Puppies plump and getting named

puppy 7-15-09The puppies are HUGE. Really, I can’t remember a group being so heavy and big at such a young age. They aren’t yet 5 weeks old and already they are topping 6 pounds. I tried to weigh them on the little food scale I have and failed – they kept error-ing it out because they were too heavy. So, I stood on my scale and then stood on it while holding them and subtracted my weight and basically ended up with just a general weight for all of them of about 6 pounds. It was stressful for someone like me who likes precision, especially when it comes to measurement and administering of medication (I had to weigh them in order to dose them correctly with their roundworm medication). Add to that the fact that the majority of them look so similar I can’t tell them apart!! I wasn’t exactly sure if I gave everyone the medication…did someone get two doses? Yikes. It was a stressful event.

puppy 7-15-09I think I have 4 of them identified as individuals…there’s a red one with a red nose (got pics of her under the chair, a series of them) who I LOVE and I’m calling her Red Bud. There’s a male who is white with BLUE beautiful eyes, what a pretty boy he is! I’m calling him Oak. The only other male is also white but smaller and I’m calling him Ash. Then there is a small, white, (whiney) female with a red nose I’m calling Birch (notice the name theme?). The remainder are all female, all roughly a whitish/reddish color and all with a black nose…I think. It is so confusing! I am going to have to get a hold of some fingernail polish and paint their toe nails so I can tell them apart! Crazy.

Does anyone have any fingernail polish I can borrow?? Sadly I am not a girly girl.

pups at play 7-15-09The pups are eating about 3 times a day – moistened food with formula, and free eating dry food all day/night. Willow, the mama is learning how to jump up onto the platform to get outside and how to jump back in. That’s a relief. And she is finally got a cleanish bill of health…has roundworms (yuck) but that’s it. So, she can finally spend time outside with the pups in the play area. Life is getting a little easier…a calm before the storm of puppy applications/interviews. I have to get these girls and boys posted on Petfinder!