Story update on Boomer (Moonlight)

We received a lovely note from Boomer’s (formerly Moonlight) family…

Boomer loves the boat! This photo is from mid October.

Boomer has been a delight since the first moment he ran into our home and ran straight to the “toy box”! He has never met a toy he does not like or want to play with!

He is now 11 months and if we had a nickel for every time someone asked us what kind he is we could retire and play with Boomer and Bella all day! Since he is 60 pounds we figure he has something else in his mix beyond German Shepherd and Black Lab. We affectionately call it his “secret sauce”. We think his secret sauce may be Basenji as he has this sweet wrinkle on his forehead, does not really bark, is black with white markings and looks a lot like the Basenji on the main page of one of those dog breed web sites. : )

We have enjoyed taking Boomer to “Dogs Best Friend” for training classes. He is in his fourth 6 week class series! He had two puppy classes, basic obedience and now we are in Advanced Obedience. I think we will take the “Off Leash” class in the spring, too. He is incredibly bright and has been the best or near the best behaved, trained and smartest of all the dogs in all of the classes we have taken. His latest accomplishment this week at class was “a flying lie down”! With him off leash and running away from me I can get him to lie down and stay as he is running away from me. My classmates and instructors consistently comment on what a great dog he is. : )

The small dogs in our classes also love Boomer because he adjusts his “game” to the size of his play partner! We find this charmer as do the instructors and the owners of the small dogs he plays with. The instructors have pulled us from the “big dog play group” a couple of times to have Boomer play with a small dog that was having trouble with some of the other small dogs. He is also wonderful with our rescue house bunny, Kooper!

Boomer in his play area - Note the purple ball hiding under his paw!

Boomer has gone on many adventures with us including several boating adventures, a week “up north” at a cabin with Grandma and a trip to the Christmas tree farm to cut our Christmas tree – where he met and played with his first Mastiff! We are looking forward to taking him snow shoeing with us on our property now that we have so much snow! Boy, he can’t get enough of the snow and being outside! He just sits on “his” hill side and watches all of the wildlife off in the farmers field and runs in the deep snow.

We think the world of our Boomer Moonlight and can’t thank all of the people at H.E.L.P. enough – especially Kristin and family. I think what all of you do is absolutely amazing. You all gave Boomer a great start to life that is so evident in his demeanor and happy, laid back approach to everything and everyone. Bella, our Puggle and Boomer’s sister, was rescued from a shelter and has issues that we continue to work on. I wonder if she had been fostered like Boomer if she would be as balanced as Boomer.

Anyway, perhaps this was more information on your sweet Moonlight than you were seeking! :> We adore him and could go on and on ….

My response:   Thank you for this wonderful email! Thanks also for the warm words for what our family does for our fosters. It means a lot to me. I am grateful that you’ve given him such a wonderful, full, and happy life. Have a great holiday season.

Moonlight goes boating

Received this note and photo from our recent foster, Moonlight‘s family…

Moonlight in a boat

Moonlight in a boat

Hi Kristin,

Here is Moonlight from today on his first boat/fishing trip. He did great! He had his nose in the wind half the time we were out on the lake. Yesterday, he was one of the stars of his first puppy obedience class! (And we totally adore him!)

Thank you for all you did for him and so many dogs. Hope all is well.

Best Regards,


What a great picture! Look at those EARS!! Wow. He looks totally calm and at peace. I love that you love him so much. I am happy to do my part but you, opening your heart to him, did/will do it all. Thanks for the update and picture.

Moonlight settles in

Little Moonlight is now in his new home.  Here is an update following his first night with his forever family:

Branan - Day1Hi Kristin! This is not the best photo but here is Moonlight! He slept all the way here last nite. And, slept the whole night in a crate without a peep! We had him in the bedroom with us and he was a dream! He has only cried once since we got here and it was when we were all out of sight for about 5 minutes. He is playing with toys, (our) Bella and seems so happy! He is so cute when he rolls over and wiggles on his back. Surprisingly, his stomach looks measurably less bloated today!? Yay! I did not know if he had had dinner last nite or not so I just gave him a few pieces of the Evo and some treats. It is amazing – he seems like he has been here a month with how comfortable he is. You have done an amazing job with him.

Thank you so much.


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Snickers and Moonlight have moved on

MoonlightI haven’t written in a long long while. SORRY folks! It has been a bit crazy over here but now I have time to breathe and guess what, the puppies are gone. Snickers and Moonlight turned into such well mannered and happy little guys, thanks to my son’s hard work playing with them. They also left knowing how to walk on a leash, sit and down and even roll over! I don’t usually have time to train my puppies, they leave when they are still babies. So this was extra fun for me. I had some moments of worry that I wasn’t doing right by them – not giving them enough love and attention, but that passed as I saw them growing into such well behaved little dogs. The families that have taken them home have a great start. I hope their lives are wonderful. Bye bye little guys.

Snickers & Moonlight at play