Moonlight settles in

Little Moonlight is now in his new home.  Here is an update following his first night with his forever family:

Branan - Day1Hi Kristin! This is not the best photo but here is Moonlight! He slept all the way here last nite. And, slept the whole night in a crate without a peep! We had him in the bedroom with us and he was a dream! He has only cried once since we got here and it was when we were all out of sight for about 5 minutes. He is playing with toys, (our) Bella and seems so happy! He is so cute when he rolls over and wiggles on his back. Surprisingly, his stomach looks measurably less bloated today!? Yay! I did not know if he had had dinner last nite or not so I just gave him a few pieces of the Evo and some treats. It is amazing – he seems like he has been here a month with how comfortable he is. You have done an amazing job with him.

Thank you so much.


April 12, 2010 • Tags: , • Posted in: puppy update, pups, story update

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