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Rubi has surgery for obstruction

This disturbing report from Rubi‘s family (of Willow‘s litter): Really wish I lived closer. If you ever do a get together of all of Willow’s litter mates, we will hopefully be able to do something like that. It would be neat to see how Rubi Red reacts. 🙂 A quick update on her. Lets see, […]

An update on Rubi

Here is the latest update on Rubi (formerly Red Bud from Willow’s litter)… Rubi is doing really well. She’s growing so big…she’s over 44lbs now (apparently not as big as her other litter mates)! She still has her beautiful eyes and her red nose. She has developed mange as well. It would have taken us a […]

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An update on Rubi

Here is an update with photos on Rubi (formerly known as Red from Willow‘s litter) Rubi is doing really great. We started puppy classes a couple weeks ago so she can get over her apprehension of dogs. She did surprisingly well and we hope it keeps improving. Her nipping is our biggest issue now. We are […]

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Update on puppy Rubi

This is from another of Willow‘s crew – puppy Rubi‘s family. Thank you so much for the update!! I love to hear how well she is doing…it seems that Willow’s pups are really smart!! Sweet Rubi is getting so big. Her legs are growing and growing. People are shocked to find out how young she […]

Puppy update on Red Bud

Here is the first of what I hope will be many updates from the adoptive families of Willow‘s litter. This note on Rubi (fromerly known as Red Bud) is from Rubi’s new forever family – keep the updates coming and we will share! An update about Rubi (formerly called Red Bud) howled the entire ride home. Since she’s been […]

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