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Feeling the puppies kick

Tonight is the second night of our new mama’s (Honey?) time with us, and she is settling in. She is so young – clearly a puppy still herself. She is so happy, lots of wags and excitement each time she sees us. And she has a surprising amount of energy given her “condition” and her very malnourished state. If she didn’t have whipworms and hookworms she’d be out with my other dogs, romping in the big yard by now. But we need to get her cleaned up inside first (and get rid of her fleas) before letting her interact with my dogs.

She is a funny looking dog! I hope to get some photos that really capture how she looks in 3 dimensions. It’s strange but she looks different from different angles. Sometimes she looks just like a hound, a coon hound or such but then you see her short legs. Tonight she reminded me of our dog, Brandy, who died this spring. Brandy had a similar look to her face, in the eyes and the ears, but normal length legs. This mama looks like she’s been cut off at the knees. I said that to her tonight, “Mama, who took your legs? Someone stole your legs and left you with these little stumps!” But she is unaware of her unusual look, and just radiates love and happiness. I love that about those foster dogs – how adaptable and agreeable they are.

Last night and again tonight I laid my hand on her side and felt the little puppies moving around. They are strong – kicking and squirming. It won’t be long now and we’ll have a whole bunch of little ones running around. Wonder what they will look like?

New mama dog coming!

We will be receiving a new mama dog named Honey tomorrow. She has not yet delivered her pups, but she is being transported tomorrow (Tuesday) to us… stay tuned for a new adventure!

Meet Honey

Meet Honey

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A day at Doggie Boot Camp

From time to time, some of the dogs we have fostered or trained will come and stay with us for a ‘doggie boot camp’ of sorts. This weekend we’ve hosted Otis and Teddy – here are some photos of their day today…

Otis enjoying the day

Otis, enjoying the beautiful day

Teddy takes visits the park

Teddy visits the windy park

Otis works off the highlife on the treadmill

Otis works off the highlife on the treadmill

Teddy finds some shade

Teddy finds some shade

Another wonderful party

Chloe's reunionChloe’s family reunion was a hit – again!  What fun we all had even in the sweltering 90 degree heat.  We just put out a huge bucket of water for the dogs, gave the kids those extra large squirt guns and all sat in what shade we could find.  Again, I am convinced the dogs all remembered one another.  At a gathering of dogs who do not know each other there is much more sniffing and posturing; they are all trying to figure out what sort of rank they will fall into.  Not this group – they literally met each other at a full speed run, joined up nose to nose, and ran on together with only a few nose nudges and happy pants.  It was one of those sights that makes you feel good – like your own heart is out there running fast with them.  Very good time.   More photos will be up shortly…

Chloe's reunion

Chloe family reunion coming May 23

Chloe and pups 5-30-09Looks like all of Chloe‘s offspring will be coming back for a birthday reunion – all are now one year old!  The party will be Sunday May 23 with photos and video here shortly thereafter… hope the weather cooperates.

Snickers and Moonlight have moved on

MoonlightI haven’t written in a long long while. SORRY folks! It has been a bit crazy over here but now I have time to breathe and guess what, the puppies are gone. Snickers and Moonlight turned into such well mannered and happy little guys, thanks to my son’s hard work playing with them. They also left knowing how to walk on a leash, sit and down and even roll over! I don’t usually have time to train my puppies, they leave when they are still babies. So this was extra fun for me. I had some moments of worry that I wasn’t doing right by them – not giving them enough love and attention, but that passed as I saw them growing into such well behaved little dogs. The families that have taken them home have a great start. I hope their lives are wonderful. Bye bye little guys.

Snickers & Moonlight at play