Another wonderful party

Chloe's reunionChloe’s family reunion was a hit – again!  What fun we all had even in the sweltering 90 degree heat.  We just put out a huge bucket of water for the dogs, gave the kids those extra large squirt guns and all sat in what shade we could find.  Again, I am convinced the dogs all remembered one another.  At a gathering of dogs who do not know each other there is much more sniffing and posturing; they are all trying to figure out what sort of rank they will fall into.  Not this group – they literally met each other at a full speed run, joined up nose to nose, and ran on together with only a few nose nudges and happy pants.  It was one of those sights that makes you feel good – like your own heart is out there running fast with them.  Very good time.   More photos will be up shortly…

Chloe's reunion

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  1. RJ - May 27th, 2010

    It was a great time!! Kristin thanks so much for hosting these parties!!! See you soon.

    Take Care
    RJ and family 🙂

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