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A note on Koda (another of Chole‘s group)…

Koda likes the snow

Koda likes the snow

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the update RJ! We are so glad she’s doing well! It is nice to hear from you!

Koda is doing fine. He absolutely loves the snow!! The first little bit of snow we had, it took him 5 minutes to leave the deck he was so busy trying to lick it all up. He is amazed by it (endless ice cubes!). He loves to run after and catch snowballs. He just really enjoys the cold weather!

We are still having a problem with him playing a little too rough at times. I had an issue I had to deal with at my son’s school. Koda jumped up for a toy and his tooth caught Matt’s elbow. Innocently, Matt went to the school nurse to get a band-aid and proceeded to get interrogated about “the dog bite”. The school nurse apologized but by state law she had to report this to Will Co. Needless to say…I was very upset! I had to bring Koda in to his vet to be examined for rabies, even though he had his shots. Thankfully, he did not have to be quarantined! I am afraid though that he now has “a record” and we have to be very careful that he doesnt even play bite anyone.
So, advice to everyone……..do not tell your school nurse you were bit by your dog!

Other than that…he is just having fun being a big puppy!! We are still working on perfecting some manners and listening skills but for the most part he is doing great! I hope to be able to get him to play with his siblings again sometime soon.

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