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Greta and her week old puppies

Greta and her pups
Greta and her pups

Greta‘s pups are getting so big.  It’s been over a week since they were born and small enough to hold in the palm of my hands.  Now they overflow, wriggling and squirming their way out.  Just a day ago I noticed a lot of squeaking and practice barking.  I wondered to myself what was up and realized that their ears were starting to open.  To test this I gently but clearly tapped on the side of their whelping pen (the green wading pool you see in the pictures) and sure enough, they all startled!  So cool to see their bodies right on target developmentally.

Greta has been sick but is finally getting better.  I counted and she was having a loose, runny, large volume poop every two hours!  You know what fun that is?  I can’t even begin to tell you.  The vet thinks her whipworm or hookworm infections may not have cleared with the first round of Panacur so we are doing a second three day dose.  She also included a general antibiotic just in case in was something bacterial.  It seems to have done the trick as she pooped three times today, just like a normal dog.  Hopefully we’ll be out of that particular woods soon.

Pile of puppies!

Pile of puppies!

I feel so bad for Greta.  Until the foster mamas are given a clean bill of health I have to keep them quarantined, which basically means she spends the majority of the day and night by herself (with her pups of course) in a room.  She does get frequent short potty walks (and is keeping her room clean!) and at least two long walks (45 minutes) each day, but still, she is bored and wants to hang out with me and the other dogs.  Poor girl.  Hopefully soon she’ll be able to get out and about more.

As you see from the pictures, the puppies mostly sleep.  Lately I have been catching them sleeping on their backs with their little mouths open!  So cute.  They are clearly feeling safe and happy.  When they are hungry and hear and smell Greta, they “walk” (more like a seal like of waddle thing than a really doggy walk) around their whelping pen crying their heads off, “looking” for her.  Their eyes are still closed so mostly they snuffle around, bumping into one another.  eventually they give up and just huddle together in a lump.  Very cute.

handful of puppy

See? Way bigger than a week ago!!

another puppy pile

another puppy pile

Greta, getting away from it all

Greta, getting away from it all

Greta and her 5 new puppies

Greta & her 8-hour old puppies

Greta & her 8-hour old puppies

Well, another cycle begins! On Monday night around 9:30 I was sure that Greta was going to have her pups…she hadn’t eaten since noon, was peeing frequently and hiding out in her crate. I sat with her and watched the pups wriggling around under her skin. I could see bodies pass by, a head graze the surface, then a leg. It was intense and it seemed clear that they were readying themselves for action. But Greta, after grunting and looking at her back end with a startled look on a few occasions fell into a deep, deep sleep. I left after watching the scene for an hour, convinced there would be puppies by morning.

However, when I left for work at 8am, no one had arrived. I figured she’d wait until tonight, as most of the mama’s we’ve had deliver in the evenings. Was I surprised when I got home in the afternoon to find 6 dogs where originally there had been one! There are two white ones with black markings (a male and a female), one white one with brown markings, one solid brown one who looks like Greta, and one almost dark gray one, all females. Five in all and only one male. They are strong and healthy – no ribs showing at all! This is by far the healthiest litter we’ve had, and it further supports my belief that Greta was an owner surrender. Makes me sad, as she was clearly loved and cared for. She is the sweetest, friendliest and most easy going dog we’ve had. I have really grown attached to her and am a bit sad to have to share her now with her puppies.

Greta's 8-hour old puppy

Greta's 8-hour old puppy

Dogs change when they have their litters to care for – they become more serious, and far less “needy” of my attention. Where just a day ago Greta tried everything in her power to get me to pet her and pay attention to her, happily wagging her tail anytime I was in her line of vision, now she just looks at me with a calm gaze, suggesting that my presence, while benign, is slightly annoying. I actually feel out of place around her! She has it all together and my attempts to help feel clumsy and unnecessary. It really felt good to see her reaction when I opened a can of wet food. She didn’t need the wet food, I just opened it to see that look again – her joy at my abilities to provide her with something she wanted. I know that this will change, as she gets tired of her role, she’ll want to be a dog again, but for now, I feel left out.

Greta has her puppies!

THEY HAVE ARRIVED! 5 of them and Greta (no longer called Honey) did it all by herself. I got home from work and headed down there to see them squirming around. They look great, healthy and strong. She had the cleanest labor I’ve ever seen. Nice job mama dog! Pictures soon.

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Video of Angel whelping her pups

About 15 minutes after Angel‘s arrival in our home, she began to deliver her puppies. This was not exactly our plan, but nature had a different agenda. Here is a short video of the whelping scene. For a few short hours on Sunday, we had – gasp – twenty dogs in our home: Chloe and 5 of her pups were adopted out that day, but Angel arrived early and gave birth to 9 puppies, plus our 4 dogs!

Watch this video on YouTube.

What You Need for a Mama Dog

Planning on fostering a pregnant Mama dog? Here’s a list of what you might need:

* A few good resources on how to whelp puppies.

* A secluded room away from family commotion and other animals.

* A door that closes and nothing in it that you would mind getting ruined – including the door and walls.

* A floor that is easily cleaned with a bleach solution.

* A space heater that you can leave on all day and all night without fear of fires. Not one of those kinds that blows hot air. We have an oil one. You could also use a heat lamp. You need to keep the room at 85 degrees Fahrenheit for the first two weeks of the pups’ lives. They can’t control their own body temperature on their own until 4 weeks of age.

* An area for whelping, nursing, and eating, and a space far enough away from those for elimination (for those stray Mamas who weren’t house trained.)

* A plastic or wood “box” with sides high enough so little young pups can’t crawl out but older, bigger ones can. We use a small turtle sandbox – it is perfect. I’ve also heard of people using plastic swimming pools. With Bella I build a box that was too big and she hated it. Never used it.

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Birth Day for Mama Annie

Another outside day for Annie, this time helping Mike burn the brush pile. He said she was chasing the embers, leaping into the sky. Then she settled down with a stick and chewed and chewed. At around 6pm he went down to let her out and came back up saying, “I’ll try again later, she didn’t want to go out” and I knew without a doubt that she was going to whelp her pups tonight. She has NEVER EVER not wanted to get out of the room that we’ve reserved for her. Ever. So, I was right and when I checked her at 7pm one little white and tan pup had been born.

Annie was clearly not thrilled with my presence so I’ve left her alone for most of the night. I check in and actually got to see one of the pups born, but it isn’t like the first time with Bella who clearly wanted me involved and actually waited until I was free, after putting the baby down for the afternoon nap, to find me and tell me she was whelping. That was fun. But this is fine too. Much less work for me!

I just now went in and gave her some water and food. She seemed thankful. My current concern is: How am I going to get those wet towels into the wash?? She decided to have the pups in the small crate and I am not going to put my hand in there to fish her and the pups out. She and I are not that close. I figure, she’ll have to get up eventually, then I’ll do it.

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