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Puppy update on William

A note from puppy William‘s (formerly Sweet William) new family…

WilliamHi Kristin,
Sorry to take so long to get back to you. It’s been a crazy week, and William has been the least of the chaos! He is a super puppy. The only problem is he has his days and nights mixed up–he sleeps all day, then we’re up most of the night. I’m hoping to get him turned around starting tomorrow.

Any advice you can give on biting, I’d appreciate it. William loves the boys so much, that he just bites the heck out of them. They aren’t able to enjoy him yet like they want to.

Good to hear from you. No wonder he was always so sleepy when people were coming over! I wonder if any other puppies are that way – that would make sense, he and someone else staying up all night playing and lounging around sleeping all day…

About the biting. Biting is very normal puppy behavior. He needs to be trained not to bite humans or our clothing EVER. So, every single time he bites you tell him sharply “no BITE”. A (more…)

Angel’s heart

Here is an update on Angel (formerly Violet), from Chloe’s litter…

Angel's heartHi Kristin,

I wanted to share this with you because my daughter spotted it on “Angel” She has a white marking on her belly that is in the shape of a heart, it is nothing like I have ever seen which makes her so much more of a miracle to us.

She is doing well, she has adjusted to her crate and our big yard which at times may be a little over whelming but she is great.

Saw her picture on your website and it was great. You did a great job with all those puppies and you should feel really proud, we can’t thank you enough for her.

Lily puppy update

Here is an update on Lilly from her new family.  Enjoy!

Lily Lily has been doing better everyday. We found that putting a clock next to cage has helped greatly at night. We have only had a few accidents and none were poop!!! She loves to play with her toys and has discovered she has a voice, she now growls and barks. She even started scratching on the potty door this morning to go and she went. She also found an old pillow of ours on the floor and loves to take her morning and afternoon nap on the pillow like a pampered pooch. We love her and I think she loves us as much.  

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Puppy update from Aster’s family

Here is an update on Aster from his new forever family. We love getting these updates to share with you!

AsterWe are all trying to adjust to our new routine and have been very busy! : ) Aster is doing wonderful.

He was a little shy on the way home and cried a little. We stopped before we got on the expressway so he could do “his business” , he was much more interested on chewing on a piece of mulch he found…so we waited and soon enough we were on our way home. He had a busy afternoon discovering the backyard, bushes, flowerpots and especially the hanging flower pot. He thinks this is a fun thing to play with as it swings back at him and he can rip the peat moss out of it : ) too funny. We have some “puppy proofing” to do. He sure has gotten himself comfortable running through the house and knows where to go to get outside. He has even barked at the screen door. He loves to be outside and exploring. He has a lot of energy and is very curious, not the shy, quiet puppy I first met. : ) We are having so much fun with him and getting to know his personality.

play time with AsterHe also likes when the curtains blow with the windows open…so he thought he’d catch them….and pull on them. He sure is a little stinker. He does not like his crate….he rather sleep next to it. We’re working on that. He is eating good and potty training well….we have got the schedule down pretty good.
Today he loved the rain. It must be the retriever in him. He lay down looked up at the sky and then tried to catch the raindrops. I wish I had taken a video, it was priceless! I stood there holding my umbrella, while he was just blissfully happy. He was definitely in no hurry to go inside.


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Oh deer

Today as I was driving to the gym with Ryan I saw something that I almost didn’t understand on the side of the road. It was one of those moments where you see something and your brain is trying to make sense of it but somewhere you know instantly what it is. I stopped short and threw on my flashers and jumped out of the car yelling my son, “DON’T GET OUT. There’s a baby deer on the road”

A deer in the yard (not the one in the story)

A deer in the yard (not the one in this story)

It was fine. Still and as small as it could get itself. I didn’t want to touch it – to get my human scent on it so I nudged it with my foot but it stayed put. Finally, after assessing “will it bite? Naw” I gently put my hands under its belly and lifted. It was SO light! And as I watched the impossibly long legs unfurl I noticed how warm it was, how soft and clean, and how light it was and how skinny. It wobbled to its feet and started toward the brush when I heard the mama snort and stamp and run a few feet away. I shooed it into the brush until it was at least a few feet from the road and got back into the car. It was likely trying to cross our crazy busy road to get to the prairie on the other side with mama and fell down the slight embankment onto the road. It must have been less than a day old, maybe two days but definitely young!


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Chloe and pups are settling in

Here are some photos and comments of Chloe and her puppy’s new homes and lives. I so appreciate everyone who has contacted me with updates – it is so helpful to my sad heart to hear how well everyone is doing. Happy new lives puppies!

Angel (formerly Violet)

Angel (formerly Violet)

Angel (formerly Violet) did really well last night, no crying. She had a bit of whimpering when we got her home yesterday but is really doing well this morning. She is playing outside with the girls and bouncing around with a ball we bought her. She is quite precious and we really love her. Thank you again, she is a real joy for us.
Jackson (formerly Jacob) is doing well. He’s obviously lonely and wondering where the heck he is, but he is happy. He’s played with us, and ate well, pooped & peed outside, and is doing fairly well at sleeping in the crate. We’ll see how night #1 goes.
We are absolutely loving having the addition of Poppy to our family — she had a big day – was at a baseball game, a pitching lesson — many visits from friends and getting used to her new home — and all through this she remained as sweet as I could ever imaging a puppy being and also a bit tired — we are going to try for a more restful day at home tomorrow. We are so grateful that you helped to allow us to have her in our family — and even our cat seems to be to ok so far : )

Jubilee (formerly Tulip)

Jubilee (formerly Tulip)

Hi Kristin!! The first 24hrs have been just wonderful!! About half way home she started to whimper a little, but as long as you kept petting her she was fine. The introduction to her new home was fun. Jubilee (formerly Tulip) was a little unsure at first but my pack was excited to see her and welcomed her right in. We brought her inside to show her her new stomping grounds and she had a blast playing with all her new toys and friends. Its so funny how the play hard for a little while then it’s right back to nappy time. I thought my old lab would take awhile to warm up but she has been great from the get go!! She is already playing nicely with her, I have not seen her play with a dog like that in a long time. Jubilee only woke up twice during the night to let us know she had to go out. She has only had one accident and that was my fault for not taking her right out when she woke up (oops). I will keep you up to date as we go.

Amber (formerly Chloe)

Amber (formerly Chloe)

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Amber (formerly Chloe). We spent Sunday with her keeping her busy (as you suggested). My husband and I took her on at least 3 walks (total of 5 miles). The boys played with her in the yard. She spent quite a bit of time outside but also made it clear that she wanted to spend time inside as well. She did pace around the house for a good 20- 30 minutes before curling up at my feet in the kitchen. In the evening she paced again for about 20 minutes and then sat at our feet in the family room. She slept on the floor of my son’s bedroom – she made it quite clear to us that she had no desire to sleep in her crate. it was kept open with the blanket in it. She was very cute when we attempted to lure her into the crate. We let her smell her treat and then placed it in the crate. She kept her 2 hind legs out of the crate and stretched to reach and eat the treat and then immediately backed out of the crate. She slept well. We have her on a schedule which should help with the adjustment. I walked her at 6am and she was wonderful (did not pull on the leash). Today she is out in the yard with the boys chasing after the tennis ball (but not returning it).