Puppy update from Aster’s family

Here is an update on Aster from his new forever family. We love getting these updates to share with you!

AsterWe are all trying to adjust to our new routine and have been very busy! : ) Aster is doing wonderful.

He was a little shy on the way home and cried a little. We stopped before we got on the expressway so he could do “his business” , he was much more interested on chewing on a piece of mulch he found…so we waited and soon enough we were on our way home. He had a busy afternoon discovering the backyard, bushes, flowerpots and especially the hanging flower pot. He thinks this is a fun thing to play with as it swings back at him and he can rip the peat moss out of it : ) too funny. We have some “puppy proofing” to do. He sure has gotten himself comfortable running through the house and knows where to go to get outside. He has even barked at the screen door. He loves to be outside and exploring. He has a lot of energy and is very curious, not the shy, quiet puppy I first met. : ) We are having so much fun with him and getting to know his personality.

play time with AsterHe also likes when the curtains blow with the windows open…so he thought he’d catch them….and pull on them. He sure is a little stinker. He does not like his crate….he rather sleep next to it. We’re working on that. He is eating good and potty training well….we have got the schedule down pretty good.
Today he loved the rain. It must be the retriever in him. He lay down looked up at the sky and then tried to catch the raindrops. I wish I had taken a video, it was priceless! I stood there holding my umbrella, while he was just blissfully happy. He was definitely in no hurry to go inside.


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