Puppies first day outside

pups 05/23/09Today the puppies explored the outside world for the first time and loved it. Their resemblance to their mama’s personality is evident – these puppies are outgoing, happy, and friendly. Nice combination. Afterward they were all exhausted and crashed out. Then as I went it for the last time tonight and fed Chloe most of them woke up and were climbing out of their bed area to see what their mama was doing. I put some dry food into a few bowls and all of them were very interested. I always wonder how much of these first dry food meals actually make it into the puppies tummies…mostly they seem to just mouth the kibble and spit it out again. But everyone was very excited, with much tail wagging going on. And them, by a happy accident as two puppies were wrestling, they discovered that some of the bowls hold water! They lapped at it as they’ve learned to lap their formula.

pups nursing breakI always love this time because it signals the move from formula and soaked kibble to just good ole dry kibble – making for a much easier to clean up meal time.

What is interesting this time around is that I’ve found myself SO much less stressed than usual. It took me awhile to remember my routine but now it is very doable and I find myself enjoying just sitting and looking at them more than I remember at 4 weeks with the other litters. I have let go of a lot of my perfectionism, as silly as that sounds. For example, I no longer change the papers immediately when a pup pees – now I wait till the papers are pretty well peed-upon and then change them. Don’t get me wrong – cleanliness is still a priority, but I don’t worry about things as much. And therefore I seem able to get a lot more done. That is a good reminder for me.

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