Basket of dog & puppy toys from Kong

I am done!! All my foster dogs are out to their new families!! Hooray!

I can’t describe the level of contentment that swept over me after last Friday when all the puppies and Willow moved to their new homes. The past week has been a breeze with just my dogs and Chloe. Unfortunately, Chloe still hasn’t found her forever home but she has fully recovered from her last experience. She is back to her sweet, very smart self. Today she left for her permanent foster home. I’ll still see her at The Water Bowl when I work there. I’m Goodies from Kongplanning on doing some training with her and working with her shyness around some men. It will be good to have contact with her. And it is VERY good to have her out of my house.

Tonight we received a box full of samples from Kong. We tried some of their toys I’ve never used before! I’ve talked about how much I love their products before but now I can describe how my dogs liked them:

We took a large bone and filled the ends with treats and Kong Stuff’n and gave it to Lollie. She immediately became VERY possessive of it and is still chewing it. We had to put her upstairs so Hermes vs. Kongthe other dogs could enjoy their treats. If you have a dog who is at all dog aggressive or toy possessive, this treat will set them off…it is that good.

Hermes got the regular sized Kong bone, also filled with treats and stuffing. He is still working on his. He has also confiscated Bella‘s stuffed large sized puppy Kong and is currently chewing on that one while his lies nearby. Unfortunately, Bella preferred the cattle bones we have lying around, but hey, two out of three ain’t bad.

Lollie guards her kong

Lollie guards her kong

Juno update a photos

An update on Juno (formerly Cherry) thanks for the kind words!!

Juno sitting prettyJuno is a great little puppy! She is doing very well and adjusting quickly to her new home. She is extremely friendly and has enjoyed all the new people she has met in the last week. After the first night, she has not cried or protested sleeping in her crate, and she now seems to enjoy sleeping and napping in there. We can’t believe how easy she has been. We even left her at home crated alone for about and hour and she was just fine when we came back—although I’m not sure she even realized that we were gone. Her potty training is going better than anticipated, and she has not had an accident since Saturday (she only had two accidents in the house—on the day she came home and the next day). We’ve now established a good schedule for Juno, which seems to be doing the trick (and she also sits by the door when she wants to go out). She’s learned to sit and come, and we are working on down and walking on a leash; Juno is a smart little girl and very willing to please.

Juno snoozingJuno really loves the backyard, so we hang out with her a lot during the day when she’s not sleeping. She is full of beans during the day, and she enjoys gardening (chewing up the plants and fertilizing the soil), geology (picking up rocks), travel (through some gaps in our fence to our neighbor’s yard, which we promptly fixed), snorkeling/diving (for toys in her pool), sports (chasing her balls and toys), slalom (frenetic zooming around the yard darting in and out around and through the plants), and hosting parties (playtime with the dog next door). When she’s not outdoors, she likes lots of cuddles, belly rubs, training, sleeping, playing, and hanging out with us watching animals on TV. Juno is the cutest and sweetest little bundle of joy, and we are having a great time trying to keep up with her!

Juno sleeping after playWe cannot imagine what it was like for you to raise the litter yourself—you are amazing! You have also done a terrific job with the litter– we can tell by our very happy, well-socialized pup. Thanks for being a terrific foster mom and raising such a good little puppy; it has made it so much easier for us and Juno!

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Birch update at 9 weeks

Here’s an update on Birch at nine weeks…

Birch at homeEverything is going really well here. Birch is very comfortable in her new home. She loves playing with all the kids and is sleeping well through the night. She just was at the vet and got her nine week puppy shots. She had a puppy parasite but the doctor said it was common. Here are some pictures of Birch and we’ll talk to you soon!

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A personal note from puppy Tucker

This is a loving update from Tucker‘s (formerly Oak) new mama to me. Thank you SO much for this!!

Oak being sneakyHi Mom, I asked my new Mom to send this for me. I know you must be resting after taking such good care of me, my brothers, sisters and mom Willow!!

I LOVE my new house!! Mom says I am a great addition. I am working on my potty behavior but thank goodness they have plenty of little towels as I am not there quite yet, but improving daily with my training. I know when I get scooped up and suddenly have grass under my feet this is where I should be. My sister is awesome, she tolerates me playing with her fluffy tail…. man what a lot of hair!! We wrestle, play bite and play tug of war with the toys, more toys than I have ever seen in my entire life! Mom got me these little puppy bones that I love to chew on and it makes my teeth feel better. Oh-oh-oh and the best part, at nite I have this HUGE bed to sleep on, and it is sooo soft!

mighty little OakDon’t get mad but we do watch TV for awhile before turning the lights out, you will be proud though, I am sleeping through the nite since Saturday and Mom usually is up before I even think of it. I do still love lots of naptime during the day though so no new news there. The only thing I am not liking right now is having to stay in this big crate if Mom has to leave for work for a couple of hours. Montana, my sister, does come in to eat while I am in there and lays next to it which makes me feel better. Now that I think of it, she only comes in when I quit yelping like a banshee… maybe I should work on that? I did make another new friend yesterday, a little stray tiger kitty who is a new mom. She seems nice, but did whap me on the nose when I got a little too friendly, we are about the same size. Mom says as soon as she brings her babies around for food she will take them to the shelter so they get good homes like I did!

Well, I better go for now..Mom says if I sit still long enough she will get some pics to send next time. We go to the doctor Saturday, I don’t know if that will be a good thing, kinda scared, but I am willing to try it. I am listening, learning and getting tons of affection, so no worry there! I’ll sneak another note soon when Mom isn’t using her laptop.

Thanks for all you did for me to get me off on the right paw and I do miss you! Say hi to everyone for me…….

Lots and lots of licks and tail wags,

update on Ginko…now Abby!

Here is from the family that adopted Abby (formerly known as Ginko) Just wanted to let you know that Abby is doing very well.

She slept through the first night in her crate – snuggled up to the piece of bathmat you gave us. We took her out to potty around 10pm, and she woke at 6:30 for her morning potty. I think she was also a bit stressed, seeing that she ate very little, and tired exploring her new environment. Her second night was good too, with one potty break at 4am. Between the two days, only one potty accident in the house. We’re very proud of her.

Abby cried and whined very little. We focused on rewarding good behaviors, and she’s learning her boundaries very quickly in repsonse to the annoying ‘Ah’ command. We’ve practiced with the leash a few times, making sure there were no tension or resistance on it. And we carry it with us whenever we go out for a walk – so she can associate the leash to a fun outing.

Abby has many chew toys. So far, her favorite is nylabone and a tug toy. S- and M- both enjoy Abby’s company, and we are keeping new visitors to a minimum. Surprisingly, Abby is mostly attached to my husband C-, following him everywhere.

Thank you again for choosing us to be Abby’s new forever family, and we will keep you posted of Abby’s progress.

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Cherry is now Juno

Another update; this one on Juno (formerly known as Cherry):

Juno (Cherry) is adjusting beautifully to her new home. She loves her new crate, thanks to the quilt that you gave to us– thanks! She took a nap in her crate after long afternoon. So far she has not had an accident inside the house, and she has even let us know that she needed to go potty (it may have been a coincidence, but we’d like to think that she’s smart)! She is a rambunctious little pup– full of beans! She definitely loves her squeaky toys and balls. She is such a friendly little thing– simply adorable!

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