Pups at play video

Spring is here and the pups got to play in the BIG kids yard with my dogs, Hermes and Bella and our friend Abby (who is Willow‘s daughter). They had a blast and were tearing around for nearly an hour.

[flashvideo file=http://caninefostering.com/images/pups032910.flv /]

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Correcting puppy and dog behavior

I have been training people to teach their dogs to be well mannered for a few years now. I have been teaching myself even longer. But it is always amazing how simple it is for a dog to teach another dog how to behave.

I have a puppy class I’m currently teaching at The Water Bowl. I brought Hermes tonight to show the class what they can shoot for, what is possible. Hermes is a great dog. Very self possessed but still funny and playful. Smart as a whip and very willing to work for me. He always makes me look good and when he bucks my authority it is usually either a helpful teaching moment or a message that I’m asking him to do something I shouldn’t be asking him to do. So, I brought him and as soon as the wiggly, overexcited, and uninhibited puppy, Abby, came in I knew we’d have a “teachable moment.” Abby is old enough to know better. Her family is tired of her antics. In a baby pup her behavior would be considered cute but she is big now and so it is just plain rude. We all are seeking ways to help her understand what parts of her behavior are unacceptable. Hermes did what her family has been trying to do for 2 months in less than 2 minutes. Abby understood him completely.


update on Ginko…now Abby!

Here is from the family that adopted Abby (formerly known as Ginko) Just wanted to let you know that Abby is doing very well.

She slept through the first night in her crate – snuggled up to the piece of bathmat you gave us. We took her out to potty around 10pm, and she woke at 6:30 for her morning potty. I think she was also a bit stressed, seeing that she ate very little, and tired exploring her new environment. Her second night was good too, with one potty break at 4am. Between the two days, only one potty accident in the house. We’re very proud of her.

Abby cried and whined very little. We focused on rewarding good behaviors, and she’s learning her boundaries very quickly in repsonse to the annoying ‘Ah’ command. We’ve practiced with the leash a few times, making sure there were no tension or resistance on it. And we carry it with us whenever we go out for a walk – so she can associate the leash to a fun outing.

Abby has many chew toys. So far, her favorite is nylabone and a tug toy. S- and M- both enjoy Abby’s company, and we are keeping new visitors to a minimum. Surprisingly, Abby is mostly attached to my husband C-, following him everywhere.

Thank you again for choosing us to be Abby’s new forever family, and we will keep you posted of Abby’s progress.

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