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Meet puppy Oak

Oak is a gentle giant of a pup, spunky but a big lover. His mama, Willow, looks to be part Golden Retriever/Labrador mixed with a setter or hound and is a mellow, playful, cuddly and patient dog and her pups really take after her. She is also up for adoption. Oak is a beautiful dog, […]

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At a crossroads with Lollie

There is a difficult decision on my mind tonight. One that I hope no one else ever has to make but one that I assume some of you have made before. The decision about when the time is right to euthanize a pet. I’ve made this decision before. I’ve “released” a pet from their pain […]

New photo of Tucker

Here is a new photo of Tucker (formerly Oak, from Willow‘s litter). What a big beautiful boy he is! Looks just like his brother, Otis.

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A note from Tucker

Recevied this nice not from Tucker (formerly Oak of Willow‘s group): Hope you had a wonderful holiday and a nice start to the New Year!! Mom took these pics of me last week in the snow and thought you might like to see them. My mange has cleared and I got a GIANT rawhide bone […]

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Time for a Tucker update

Here is the latest from Tucker (formerly Oak of Willow‘s litter): All is well here and Tucker is growing like a weed!! Dr. again this Friday, but at 3 months already 32 pounds!! He is a delight! We are moving along on potty training and I am hoping another month and he will have it knocked. […]

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Benjamin Moore paint stands up to puppy grime

I have done the final cleaning of the puppy room. I used WAY too much bleach in the water and my poor hands (and sinuses and eyes) paid the price. I tried to ventilate but I really did use more than I should have. I really wanted to clean that room out good. Having two […]