Heartgard best for heartworm protection

Hopefully you read my post on the merits of Frontline Plus and how to save a few dollars in the process. Ok, now a word on heartworm preventative

If you live anywhere where there aren’t hard, killing frosts, you have no business stopping your heartworm preventative! Let me repeat: Treat your pet every singe month with a heartworm preventative if you live anywhere where some plants can survive all winter. Here in Illinois everything dies back or goes dormant for at least three months of the year: December, January, and February and these are the months that I stop heartworm treating my dogs. But this is the first time every that I did not treat for the full 12 months. Again, the reason I stopped was to try to save some money and it felt safe to me. But heartworm is a NASTY parasite and it will kill your dog. Don’t mess around. Prevention is easy but not all products are created equal.

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I have been treating my pets (Cleo the cat and all my dogs) for the past 20 some years with Heartgard. The dogs LOVE the meaty chew and even our nearly 15 year old gobbles it up. It is never difficult to get the medication into the dogs. But you have to have your vet’s prescription to purchase the medication so I always just bought it from my vet. However, last year I tried two things. First I shopped online and found that the same products were slightly cheaper on PetMeds.com than at my vet. Second, I tried Interceptor. Shopping at PetMeds was a GOOD idea, switching products was not. See, I like Heartgard because it is easy to get the correct dose into my dogs and that dose covers other parasites as well; parasites like round worm and others. Interceptor says it covers other parasites too but the product comes in a hard tablet form and my dogs either swallowed it whole (the package said they were supposed to chew it for it to be effective) or refused to eat it. So I was forced to either jam it down their throats (which I did one month) or grind it up and mix it with some wet food – which was WAY more hassle than I wanted.


Annie and Pups Update

Annie may have a new family! It’s still early in the process, but the thought makes me both happy for her (and happy and sad for me). If it’s a good match, it would be wonderful for her, but I will miss her.

Puppies continue to eat well, better every day. Now when I walk in the room most of them wake up, lick their chops, and look at me expectantly. THis morning, a couple actual climbed out of their sleeping area to get first dibs on the meal. Everyone has pretty big, tight bellies, which tells me they are probably still battling roundworm. Since I read recently that it’s best to worm them 10 days apart rather than 14, I decided to worm them today with Strongid. At two weeks they weighed about 2.5 lbs on average. Today at less than 4 weeks, they weighed bewtween 5.5-7.5 lbs – more than doubled! Isn’t that crazy? Clearly, mama is feeding them well. Sweeties’ puppies weighed this much at 6 weeks so these guys are shaping up to be larger dogs. Their personalities are starting to show and even though I don’t like to admit it, I’ve already got my favorite. Any guess on who it is?

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Puppy Eyes Start to Open

Plump puppies are happy puppies.

Plump puppies are happy puppies.

The puppies are GROWING! They are getting bigger and fluffier every day. Their eyes began opening two days ago and now they are nearly all the way open on all of them. And as a result they can see who they are bumping into and I am beginning to see the beginnings of playing!! One of the games is to bark so loud that they knock themselves over – a very fun game as they will do it again and again. (Remember, the ears open shortly after the eyes so that is likely why – they are trying out their new voices and startling themselves at the same time). Another game is “bite your brother” which two will do at the same time to each other with their little 2 week old puppy growls up full volume! And the last game is “wag the tail” (no surprise there, it must be genetic!) which I have seen most of them doing today for the first time. I swear, these 8 are way cuter than the other litters I’ve had (I suspect I will say this again with the next litter).

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