Puppy Eyes Start to Open

Plump puppies are happy puppies.

Plump puppies are happy puppies.

The puppies are GROWING! They are getting bigger and fluffier every day. Their eyes began opening two days ago and now they are nearly all the way open on all of them. And as a result they can see who they are bumping into and I am beginning to see the beginnings of playing!! One of the games is to bark so loud that they knock themselves over – a very fun game as they will do it again and again. (Remember, the ears open shortly after the eyes so that is likely why – they are trying out their new voices and startling themselves at the same time). Another game is “bite your brother” which two will do at the same time to each other with their little 2 week old puppy growls up full volume! And the last game is “wag the tail” (no surprise there, it must be genetic!) which I have seen most of them doing today for the first time. I swear, these 8 are way cuter than the other litters I’ve had (I suspect I will say this again with the next litter).

Puppies all got their first taste of something other than mama’s milk last night too as I wormed them all with Strongid. I think nearly every puppy likely has roundworms, gotten from their mamas through the placenta or milk. You know a puppy has roundworm (other something else wrong with their gut) when you see that big pot belly look. The belly feels taught too, like a blown up balloon, not a water balloon. Anyway, it is just good practice in my opinion to worm the whole lot at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks and there after if their new vet wants to.

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